Republicans Step Up to Block Government Funds for Crackpipes

Biden announced last week that he plans on “helping” drug addicts by making crackpipes available to them. Somehow, in his demented mind, he believes that this is what millions of dollars should be spent on.

What’s even worse is that Biden believes that this will help with equality. Oh, don’t worry – Black and LGBTQ people will get to get their crackpipes before anyone else.

If you’re reading this with your mouth hanging open, join the rest of America. No one can quite wrap their head around what the liberal administration is doing. We need to be getting people mental help to break addictions, not giving them tools to get further addicted.

It’s why Republicans are stepping in. The GOP won’t allow government funds to be used for crackpipes and other drug instruments. And Senator John Kennedy has a few thoughts on the matter, too.

Everyone’s been having a field day with the Democratic plan. After all, it is pretty ridiculous to spend $30 million to place drugs in the hands of Americans who are already struggling with sobriety.

The bill has been hilariously named the HUNTER bill. The President’s son is all too familiar with crackpipes and every other form of drug paraphernalia, so it’s certainly a fitting name.

Now, Republican Representatives such as Dan Bishop and Lauren Boebert have already stepped up to ban this legislation. The country’s drug problem cannot and should not be addressed by funding needles, crack pipes, and other tools.

Of course, the White House is out and out denying that they would fund crackpipes. But, it’s definitely what the money is being used for. The Biden administration just can’t admit to it because it would send Biden’s approval rating even lower than it already is (if that’s even possible).

Rep. Bishop tweeted to say that introducing the HUNTER Act “ensures your tax dollars aren’t subsidizing woke drug policies.” Thank goodness the Republicans are in Congress to balance out the crazy coming from the progressive left.

Rep. Boebert had some fun on Twitter when she said that they chose HUNTER Act because it flowed better than “Stop Paying to Subsidize Biden’s Son’s Drug Addiction Act.” She’s absolutely right. Why should we help Hunter Biden inject or snort anything more into his body? Selling one of his paintings should be able to give him all the money he needs for not only the crackpipe but also the crack.

The Biden administration seems to think that what drug addicts need is safe smoking kits, needle trade-ins, and safe injection sites. Doing such things is a way to help to remove the stigma that doing drugs is dangerous.

It IS dangerous – and the stigma should stay because it’s the only way to prevent millions of other Americans from trying and becoming addicted to drugs.

The Biden administration announced their “harm reduction grant” through the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. They want to prevent overdose deaths and reduce some of the health risks associated with drug use.

The problem with their “harm reduction” is that they are still allowing people to harm themselves. A DHS spokesperson even spoke to The Washington Free Beacon last money to say that smoking kits would include pipes so that users could smoke crack cocaine along with crystal methamphetamine and any other “illicit substance.”

That’s supposed to reduce harm? Interesting…

Of course, the White House is quickly saying that the DHS spokesperson who spoke to WFB is all “misinformation.”

Rather than taking the White House’s word on the program not offering crackpipes, Boebert, Bishop, and other Republicans want to see it in writing.

The likelihood of the HUNTER Act passing with a Democratic lead in Pelosi’s House is highly unlikely. So, this is probably going to sit on the back burner until after the midterms. In the meantime, people can keep voting out Democrats because no one wants to see millions of dollars being spent on crackpipes while gas prices continue to soar.