Risch Counters Dems With Common Sense

Risch Counters Dems With Common Sense
Risch Counters Dems With Common Sense

Democrats have some Republicans questioning President Trump and his silence when it comes to the recent murder of the Saudi journalist, Jamal Khashoggi. Jim Risch, Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, has made every effort to calm both parties and unite the GOP.

Hot Points

  • The murdered journalist had lived in the United States and wrote for the Washington Post. Killed in Istanbul by a 15-man “hit” team, Khashoggi’s body was said to have been dismembered and has not yet been found.
  • Trump’s position is that the US “intends to remain a steadfast partner of the Saudi country.” This has both political parties upset, saying economics are not more important than human rights – which is the farthest thing from what the president is trying to portray.
  • Risch had one-on-one meetings with Republican Senators and composed a letter to the Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo. This letter asked to hold the Saudi government accountable for Khashoggi’s murder instead of asking the US to continue investigating. The letter was signed by every GOP member except two.
  • Democrats had to try and get a part in the letter by attempting to state that the Trump Administration “is not in compliance” with the law, “which is of grave concern to the members of this committee.” It was obviously rejected by Risch.
  • Risch has calmed the majority of GOP members, which allows Trump to continue to keep silent and not place blame on any particular person or country for Khashoggi’s murder. He wants all the facts first. This is a smart move by the president, as responsibility for the incident has not yet been proven.