Russia Fires a Missile in Outer Space… and Biden Stays Utterly Silent

By Drop of Light/
By Drop of Light/

Here in the US, it’s been rather easy to see that Democratic President Joe Biden is just about the weakest of men to ever hold his title. However, that fact is now becoming painfully evident to other world leaders as well.

As you well know, it wasn’t exactly a strong or powerful look to abandon our allies in Afghanistan or a great number our own citizens. Neither has Biden’s reactions to China and their growing drama been very stout.

But now, it seems he’s even backing down to Russia.

On Monday, reports started coming in from the International Space Station that a large debris field was endangering the crew. But it wasn’t just flying rocks and meteors. Instead, it was junk created by Russia testing anti-satellite missiles on an old Russian satellite still located in space.

According to the Daily Mail, “a field of 1,500 pieces of debris” was created upon the destruction of the satellite, putting all International Space Station personnel, including some Russian crew members and cosmonauts, at risk.

Quite naturally, the European Union Space Commissioner Thierry Breton wasted little time condemning the Russians’ rather reckless actions. He said, “As Commissioner in charge of EU #Space policy and in particular of Galileo & Copernicus, I join the strongest condemnations expressed against the test conducted by Russia on Monday 15 Nov., which led to the #destruction of a #satellite in low orbit (COSMOS 1408).”

Similarly, the US State Department also quickly to the airwaves to note its disapproval of the “dangerous and irresponsible behavior.” According to Politico, the testing of the missiles “jeopardizes the long-term sustainability of our outer space and clearly demonstrates that Russia’s claims of opposing weaponization of space are disingenuous and hypocritical.”

Of course, Russia debated that they knew what they were doing and that while the debris did come close to the EU space station, no real harm was caused. According to Russia’s defense ministry and NBC News, no real threat was made.

However, as NASA pointed out, the threat was highly possible and not only made to the International Space Station but also a Chinese one, currently housing three crew members.

NASA administrator Bill Nelson remarked that Russia’s actions were “reckless and dangerous.” Additionally, he stood by the State Department’s promise to hold the Asian nation responsible for those misdeeds.

However, you will note that of all the voices speaking out against Russia for their nearly life-threatening mistake, one is strangely missing, namely that of our commander in chief, Joe Biden.

Biden has not only not said a word about the near catastrophe in space that could have cost the lives of people from multiple nations, but he’s also said next to nil on the other recent and equally dangerous moves Russia has made on the earth’s surface.

Take the fact that Russia has once again set up a large number of military forces along their border with Ukraine, according to The New York Times.

Even Biden’s Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, has noted the move and warned of its possible meaning. And it might be more than a mere flexing of their muscles.

Additionally, you might have heard that Russia has begun a near-endless campaign of cyber attacks on the US. Last week, the FBI was hacked. Because of similar past attacks, the US has imposed a number of sanctions on Russia in an effort to rein in this behavior.

But it seems that Russia just doesn’t care.

In fact, according to the Times, the newer attacks have been “very large” and “ongoing,” with no signs of remorse.

And yet, Biden remains silent.

Of course, this shouldn’t really be any surprise. Back in April, during Biden’s first speech to a joint session of Congress, the dementia-ridden leader all but admitted that he was going to suck up to Russia and their formidable leader at every chance he got.

He might think he’s avoiding war or some not so far-off conflict, but as even the Washington Post has said, “Putin thrives on chaos,” and let’s be honest, Biden has gotten rather good at hiding his head in the sand.

But if this action continues, Biden will come for air realizing that Putin has played him for the fool he is.