Russians Are Now Knocking at Our Southern Border

Yanosh Nemesh /

This is like a bad joke. How many migrants can enter the United States before we reach our breaking point? Alejandro Mayorkas, the DHS Secretary, has a soft spot for migrants, so he would likely have a very different number than literally anyone else in the U.S.

We already have more migrants than we know what to do with. We have migrants who have traveled far and wide across Mexico and Central America. We have the Haitians who invited themselves in. And we have the Afghan migrants who were given a first-class ticket into the country, courtesy of the Biden administration.

Now, as a result of Putin’s invasion into Ukraine, we have Russians knocking at our southern border. These are anti-war Russians who want nothing to do with Putin and his plans for world domination. But – what are we supposed to do with them? We can’t just let them in. We don’t have enough room or resources for them.

Further, what is Putin going to do when he finds out that we let Russians who fled his country into ours? He’s already a few cards short of a full deck. And, his finger has been dangling over the red nuclear detonation button for a while. Accepting Russian refugees may be the last straw – and we don’t want to be the reason he decides to wipe out most of Eastern Europe.

Thanks to a COVID-related policy, Title 42, the border is essentially closed to anyone seeking asylum. It’s also why there are so many trying to be sneaky and entering through weaknesses along the border.

This means that the anti-war Russians showing up at the border need to rethink their plans. The likelihood of getting in is low.

The Russians currently camped out at the U.S.-Mexico border have predominantly flown with their families halfway around the world. It’s clear that they had no real plan, though, since they have no visas to enter the country. They hope that simply saying that they are anti-war is enough to get them in.

Luckily for us, that’s not quite how things work.

Now, Ukrainians have been able to enter because of an exemption. Russians, not so much.

For many who are camped out, returning to their Mother Russia is simply not an option. They don’t feel safe. As one man shared, his political activism has been flagged by the Russian government. As such, the police have been watching him. After all, Putin doesn’t stand for anyone who could be a traitor to his causes.

Putin has even gone as far as saying that he is looking to wipe out all of the traitors from the country. He likely sees the anti-war Russians showing up at our border as a way of cleansing the country.

The Mexican government has had no choice but to brace for all of the new visitors. They know that as the invasion into Ukraine continues, there will be more on the way. It takes time to get from Russia to Mexico, so there are likely countless more working on their way to North America as you read this.

By telling everyone that they’re not going to be granted asylum, it might slow the descent. However, as many point out, they have nowhere else to go.

75,000 Russians actually flew into Mexico last year before the war even started. And since the beginning of 2022, there’s been another 28,000.

Human Rights groups, of course, are up in arms about asylum seekers being denied access to the U.S. Margaret Cargioli, the Directing Attorney at IMMDEF, has been asking for Title 42 to end immediately.

The Department of Homeland Security has issued reminders to border agents that exemptions can be given for humanitarian reasons. Ukrainians can get a pass – and it only angers the Russian migrants to the point that they feel that the only option left is to take illegal action.

If you think that we’re winding down on tensions, guess again. More Russians will show up and as more are denied, there will be more unrest.