Sage Steele Suspended by ESPN Following Comments About COVID Vaccine and President Obama; Suspiciously Contracts COVID 19 Following Suspension

By studiocriacao

Recently “The Uncut with Jay Cutler” had veteran ESPN reporter Sage Steele on the podcast. During this appearance, the topic of the COVID 19 vaccine came up.

One to always edge the line when needed, Sage let her opinions be known. “I respect everyone’s decision. I really do…but to mandate it is sick, and it’s scary to me in many ways. But I have a job. A job that I love, and frankly, a job that I need, but again I love it”. Sounds like something many hard-working American’s can understand right?

Well unfortunately for Sage the ‘woke traps’ had one additional big trap for her; former President Obama and selecting ‘black’ his census paperwork. “Well, congratulations to the President…That’s his thing. I think that’s fascinating considering his Black dad was nowhere to be found, but his white mom and grandma raised him, but hey, you do you. I’m going to do me”.

How, and why someone thought this was a good topic for a podcast conversation? Especially in 2021, and in the land of eroding freedom. How does Jay Cutler set such big traps for one of the top-rated anchors at ESPN?

In response to this, ESPN (which is owned by Disney) has suspended Steele for a minimum of 1 week, taken the ‘espnW: Women + Sports Summit’ coverage duties from her (Oct. 18-20). Naturally, she has bent the knee, kissed the mouse’s ring, and apologized.

Despite having 15 years on air with the company, her apology seems to have fallen on dead ears. Instead, she is now being vilified on many platforms, and by people who largely wouldn’t know the difference between a football and a basketball if their lives depended on it.

These ‘warriors’ (as they sickeningly call themselves) who beg us to stay in our lane if we aren’t the same as the person in question, attack people they have no clue about. As if ALL that wasn’t enough, now she has reportedly contracted COVID-19.

It’s ironic how people mysteriously contract the virus almost instantly after they speak up about the vaccine. As if the powers that be find out that you have publicly questioned their decisions for America, and want to scare you straight, or just kill you off.

This attack on Sage is the same level of attacks the left would throw at President Trump over a tweet. Both being vilified and dragged through the mud just to send the message that the end of free speech is imminent. This right is being stripped away here in America, and until people stand up and say ‘enough is enough’ together, the ‘woke’ will continue to destroy this land we call America by persecuting people one by one until nobody is left.

This level of persecution overtaking an unpopular stance is sickening. Sage Steele is just one of many public personas who have been taken down by the “agree with us or we kill your career” ‘woke’ mobs.

These same mobs that proclaim women are unfairly persecuted, or that minorities don’t have enough opportunities, yet target one of the few who got a real shot at covering sports, and who has been incredibly successful for the last 15 years. This poisoning of the well will not end well for these mobs, and now they have attacked the very inspiration they wanted to see in sports.