Satanic Temple is Offering Scholarship Money in Exchange for Souls…Read This and Warn Your Children ASAP

High School students seeking scholarship money to further their education now have a new source to tap money from. As with most things though, it comes with a catch.

Based in Salem, Massachusetts, The Satanic Temple (TST) is offering what they have curiously titled as a “Devils Advocate Scholarship” to all 2020 graduating high school students.

As taken directly from their website: “The mission of The Satanic Temple (TST) is to encourage benevolence and empathy, reject tyrannical authority, advocate common sense, oppose injustice, and undertake noble pursuits. Our efforts have involved championing religious pluralism, protecting free-thought, and ensuring the fundamental rights of our members are protected.”

In regards to the scholarship, they further state, “The Satanic Temple advocates the protection of bodily autonomy and the pursuit of knowledge. TST views intellectual exploration as a critical component of individual fulfillment.”

“Often, however, people confuse learning with schooling. While learning involves a self-directed approach to better one’s understanding of things, schooling involves the imposition of an oppressive hierarchical structure that demands obedience to authority first and foremost and determines what knowledge should be disseminated and how it should be imparted.”

“Compulsory schooling violates the fundamental civil rights of the children who are forced to attend. Schooling requires that students endure chronic stress along with a profound degree of tedium and boredom such that empathy is diminished, and depression and anxiety often ensue.”

They’ve made the measly $500 scholarship fairly easy to get, provided the young and easily influenced graduates are willing to sell their souls for it.

All anyone interested in the money has to do is answer a series of questions. And, the graduates can submit their answers in the form of an essay, a poem, or any other form of expression that suits their fancy.

What must they answer to the satisfaction of the Satan worshipers? Here you go…

1) What initiatives have you undertaken that are consistent with TST’s tenets and mission?

2) Please discuss and describe in detail any one of the teachers who crushed your spirit, undermined your self-confidence, and made you hate every minute you were forced to be in school.

Also, as posted on TST’s website, “The applicant will only be judged on how their submission best exemplifies the mission of The Satanic Temple and the prompt they chose to answer.”

Malcolm Jarry, the co-founder of TST, said the temple adamantly rejects traditional schooling, claiming it violates a student’s civil rights and subjects them to obedience from educators with unearned authority.

TST makes the false claim they don’t really worship Satan as one might imagine, though they do pray to the demon and end their prayers with an enthusiastic, “Hail Satan.”

The group has also been furiously involved in efforts to stop President Trump, Mike Pence, and of course, the immense support the current administration receives from evangelical leaders in the Christian community.

TST is only allowing there to be two winners of the scholarship, but they hope to receive thousands of responses. These respondents, even if they are not awarded the scholarship, should expect to be contacted as part of TST’s continual recruitment effort. Get ’em while they’re still young and naive.

Here is where the problem lies. There are a great number of HS graduates who chomp at the bit to go to college but lack the funds to do so. And some of them will do anything it takes to achieve their goal.

With TST making it so easy to apply, those kids will say “what the heck,” and go for it, figuring they could never be so easily persuaded as to renounce God for an evil fallen angel. But this is where they are wrong.

TST recruitment agents are well versed in the art of persuasion. They can light up a room with propaganda tactics that below the surface are much darker than one may think.

They are pros at leading lambs to the slaughter, and this is their sole intent for offering scholarship money. It is not due to their kind generosity. They are nothing more than an extension of their leader, Satan.

As Matthew 7:15 clearly states, “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.”

We’ve just identified some of the wolves for you. Please advise your children to run, don’t walk, if approached. The small $500 scholarship will cost them a price they can never repay.