Schiff is Crying About His Conspiracy Theory Regarding January 6 Riot

Adam Schiff loves to make up stories and spin his conspiracy theories into truths. However, he’s learning that he isn’t going to get his way when it comes to the January 6 Capitol riots. As the truth starts to come out, tears are rolling down his cheeks.

It’s hard when things don’t go your way, isn’t it, Mr. Schiff?

We’ve all known that this hearing about the Capitol riots is a sham. After all, the investigation already happened. Those involved were arrested. It should be a case that is closed, yet Adam Schiff and other Democrats want a chance to spin it so that it shows that the Republicans are to blame for it all.

House Select Committee member Adam Schiff is one of the ones who has been trying to uncover the “truth” since the beginning. The only problem is that Schiff has a long history of being anti-Trump and anti-Republican. He’s hardly capable of accepting anything that he hears because his conspiracy theories have spun out of control.

Schiff and his Democratic colleagues had one job – help the power transfer effectively from Trump to Biden. The goal was to do so in such a way that the American people felt comfortable with saying goodbye to Trump and welcoming Biden.

However, they failed. They couldn’t set their own hatred for the right aside.

During the proceedings, Schiff showed some of that hatred. After questioning a Capitol Police officer who responded to the riot, the Rep decided it was important to launch into a lecture about how the country is going to fall apart if people “deem elections illegitimate merely because they didn’t go our way rather than trying to do better next time.”

Is he serious? Where was this lecture in 2016 when Trump won the election and Hillary Clinton lost? For four years, all we heard was how the elections were illegitimate and how Trump “isn’t my president.”

Schiff only wants to conveniently look at how the country might fall apart now that his candidate has won. Clearly, he doesn’t realize that it doesn’t work that way.

As if Schiff needed to tug at the strings of Americans a bit when he delivered his lecture, he appeared to tear up for a moment. Were they crocodile tears? Probably. Though, he may have started to cry because he realized that this whole proceeding was ridiculous and that he wasn’t going to get the “truth” he so desperately needs to hear in order to move forward.

Schiff showed just how tainted he is. He cannot stand in front of Congress to talk about the importance of a shift in power when he spent four years grossly abusing his power. Within his position as House Intel Committee chair, he constantly attacked Trump by releasing phone records. He perpetuated the lies about a Trump collusion with Russia. He worked hard to prove to the American people that Trump could not and would not be a legitimate president.

Where did that get Schiff? Absolutely nowhere. Instead, Trump won every legal battle and remained president for four years. Even when the Dems tried for a final impeachment, Trump came out victoriously.

So, now, it’s hard to believe anything that Schiff wants to say. And there are plenty of other stories coming out about the riot. Perhaps this whole Capitol Riot was his doing. Schiff has proven time and again that he’s not opposed to lying and making things up to help his narrative. And as for the tears? Well, he is a great actor…