SD Gov Makes Shocking Announcement on Trump and Mount Rushmore

As our nation prepares to celebrate yet another birthday, President Donald Trump is planning quite the party. But unlike in years past, this year the celebration will happen outside of Washington D.C. This year, the biggest Independence Day party will be taking place at the iconic site of Mount Rushmore in South Dakota.

The President has made plans to travel to the much more western state on July 3, as part of his Independence Day fanfare. Once there, it has been noted that fireworks will be used for the first time in over a decade.

According to the Sioux Falls Argus Leader, pyrotechnics such as fireworks have been banned from the area since 2009 in an attempt to prevent forest fires in the dry mountainous region. However, the governor and regional leaders have agreed to do away with the ban, at least temporarily, for the celebration of our nation’s birthday.

But as the governor of South Dakota, Republican Kristi Noem’s office has indicated, fireworks won’t be the only patriotic entertainment. Noem’s communications director, Ian Fury, told Politico recently that they “do anticipate there being a military flyover of some kind,” as well.

Fury said that their office is “communicating with numerous federal agencies on planning this event.”

Politico notes that while the flyover and several other spectacles have not been thoroughly planned out yet, details are being discussed in Pentagon currently, according to a defense official.

As for how many people will be allowed in attendance to the somewhat remote location, it has been reported that a raffle system is being established to ensure that those wishing to attend, get to do so in it the safest way possible.

The tickets, of which there are to 7,500, will be distributed at random. And for those not able to get their hands on an actual admission pass, nearby areas will still allow you to watch the spectacle from a little farther out.

However, as news of the soon to be celebration spreads, there are quite a few who would say that this is another unneeded expense and one that Trump should cancel. After all, there is much going on in our nation at present. And critics argue that Trump should be spending his time and America’s taxpayer dollars on fixing those issues and not on lavish parties.

To be sure, we do have a lot going.

Since the beginning of the year, we have fought long and hard against the novel coronavirus pandemic that seeks to kill and destroy all that we hold dear. Nearly a full six months later, we are nowhere near the end of that battle. Millions have been spent on bailouts for companies large and small, individuals, and on medical supplies never seen in such vast numbers.

And while confirmed case numbers, as well as deaths, seem to be going down, allowing states to begin reopening, we know the threat is far from gone.

On top of the unease and reservations this brings, the nation now finds itself reeling from the recent and wrongful death of a Minneapolis, Minnesota black American George Floyd by a white police officer. And while justice has been served, with the police officer fired and arrested for murder, protests and “demonstrations,” as mainstream media has taken to calling them, have been organized in nearly every major city across the nation.

But, as I’m sure you have heard or even seen, these aren’t the peaceful protests of civil rights matters as in the days of old. No, these are all-out riots, complete with looting, property damage, and even violence.

This extreme action by citizens everywhere has led several to believe that a celebration such as the one currently planned, even for a good reason, would only prove to be a show of military force by President Trump. The flyover, in particular, could be taken as such.

However, it just might be that a celebration of this magnitude is just what our nation needs. Think of it as a way to boost morale and draw the two sides of current arguments together, if even for a short time. After all, both major parties, no matter how far to the right or the left, claim to be patriotic.

And what patriot doesn’t love a good fireworks show to celebrate our nation’s existence and success?

So let us, at least for one night, put aside our bickering and arguing, and the constant need to outdo one another and simply be Americans, on one side, celebrating “liberty and justice for all.”