Senate Repeals Biden’s Vaccine Mandate 52-48…Schumer Goes Off on Anti-Vaxxers

Nathan Weisser /
Nathan Weisser /

The United States Senate just sent a message to President Joe Biden. They repealed his vaccine mandate for private employers with companies that employ 100 or more people. The vote was 52-48 to repeal the mandate. It included all Republican senators and also two Democrats, Sens. Joe Manchin from West Virginia and Jon Tester from Montana.

Fox News reported that even with Senate approval, the resolution that was backed by the Republicans is unlikely to overturn the mandate. Fox News said that the Democrat-controlled House would likely not take up the measure and President Biden would likely veto the bill if it got past Congress.

This wrestling match in the Senate to repeal was led by Senator Mike Brawn, a Republican from Indiana. He used the “Congressional Review Act,” which allows Congress to review presidential executive orders. The GOP leadership maintained that the mandate was government using a heavy hand that would hurt business.

Braun said, “It’s got Main Street America scared. They’re worried about, well, what does this mean on other issues? Anybody who thinks this is a good idea, imagine the next time it happens when you’re on the wrong side on whatever the merits of the case would be.”

Senator Ted Cruz from Texas joined with Braun. He said that the vaccine mandate was not just wrong, but illegal and unconstitutional. He even referred to it as a “grotesque abuse of power.”

Cruz said that he believes President Biden knows that it is illegal because the White House lawyers must have told him. He said that the White House decided to ram it through even though they knew it would be held up in courts. Because the process will take so much time, Biden must have believed people would just simply obey. Cruz said that the Senate’s vote was very important for private employers and it passed with a bipartisan majority.

Senator Shelley Moore Capito, a Republican from West Virginia, believes that the mandate caused fear among American families who are facing higher bills for their gas and heating. She also said that families are concerned about what this mandate might do to some who are hoping to get a job or keep a job. Capito said this is an invasion into people’s ability to make decisions about their life and health care.

Business groups who oppose the mandate say it is too burdensome given strained economic conditions.

The Daily Wire was one of the first companies to file a lawsuit against the Biden administration. They did not argue whether someone should receive the vaccine or not, but only against the president’s mandate as something unconstitutional and violated federal law.

The co-founder and co-CEO of The Daily Wire, Jeremy Boreing, said that his company’s position was that they were not the enforcement arm of the federal government.

“Forcing Americans to choose between their livelihoods and their freedom is a grotesque abuse of power and we won’t be a party to it,” Boreing wrote. He also made it clear that his company would not be implementing the testing regime. They would not deal with the liability of getting involved with the private health decision and information of their employees. He said that The Daily Wire was founded to stand against tyranny, and that is what they would do

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-NY., lashed out at his GOP colleagues saying “Some of the anti-vaxxers here in this chamber remind me of what happened 400 years ago when people were clinging to the fact that the Sun revolved around the Earth. They just didn’t believe science. Or 500 years ago when they were sure the earth was flat.”

Well, that seems like Schumer is throwing an epic temper tantrum. Now he wants to pay attention to science?