Senator Rick Scott Tells All About Biden Working for Republicans Without Him Even Knowing About It

By RedhoodStudios
By RedhoodStudios

Joe Biden has done a lot to tick off voters on both sides of the political fence. He has turned his back on the Constitution and embraced a version of socialism that destroys the country. Many of his longtime supporters in the Democratic Party wish they had never heard of the Biden name. The longer he sits in the White House, the more challenging it will be for every liberal running for office in 2022.

The president has deserted Americans and allies in Afghanistan and joined forces with an invasion force from the south. He rejects pleas for help from people that voted for him in the southern states. And he seeks to make life miserable for the American in every fashion he can find.

The biggest things ticking people off are the mask mandates and the vaccination demands. The vast majority of people around the country have been living mask-free for over a year except for the places that Biden can stick his wrinkly hands. He forces public school kids to mask up, and any person working for a large corporation is at risk of losing their job because he is trying to force vaccinations on people.

But with all of his nastiness, Joe Biden is proving to be a big boost for people seeking to run as a Republican at various levels of government. The president represents the core values of the Democratic Party. And to be known by that title is to embrace all the poisonous beliefs he holds. It means that as a liberal, that person supports socialism and would instead spit in the face of all the men and women that have given their lives to keep freedom alive and well in America.

The facts tell that Biden is slipping mentally and continues to harm people that align with him. Some Democrats have fallen into the shadows hoping that the old man does not show up at a rally looking to support them. When Biden shows up at a rally, all he gets are boos and hatred. No one wants to have him leading the country anymore.

His unpopularity is becoming a significant asset to people in the Republican camp. Senator Rick Scott is the chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee. And he has pointed out that “He’s our best asset right now. I don’t believe he’s going to get any better.”

There comes a time when a person can be so wrong and unliked that he ends up helping the opposition. Voters are going to hit the voting booths in a year to clean out the trash in Washington. The Democrats are the terrorist organization hurting the country, and people are tired of the harm they are receiving from a party that told them how much they cared.

The sour note that Biden is playing is harming people. He cannot continue to do what he is doing and expect people to like him. Scott went on to mention that “Joe Biden worked hard to get his approval rating this low. He created a border crisis and continues to ignore it. Americans are still stranded in Afghanistan after Biden’s botched withdrawal. Americans are paying more for gas and other important everyday consumer products. And the list goes on.”

The list is so long against Biden that it is a wonder that his party has not seized the moment to remove him. Kamala Harris is questionably quiet, and even old Nancy Pelosi has fallen into silence as they let joe Biden take all the heat for the things they are trying to push through the Legislature.

The Democrats may think they have cheated their way to victory once so they can try again. But Republican states have seen their deeds and have passed laws to keep it from ever happening again. The Democrat’s days are numbered in Washington and other key regions around the country. The people want to remain free, and they are willing to fight to make sure that it happens.