Seriously?..The DNC let Bill Clinton Speak After Flying on Epstein’s Plane 26 Times…The Dems are Desperate

If it were not so utterly disgusting it would be hilarious how of all people, Bill Clinton was chosen to speak at the Democratic National Convention. Here is a guy with the morals of a Canal Street hooker who turned the Oval Office into a den of inequity, pleading with America to vote for the candidate of his choice.

Interestingly enough, he pointed his crooked finger at the camera on the exact same day a series of photos were released showing him receiving a massage from one of Jeffrey Epstein’s young girls. The photos were also taken on the same day Clinton was a known passenger on Epstein’s private plane, the “Lolita Express.”

And the young girl who was administering the massage was none other than Chauntae Davis, a well-known victim of Epstein’s pedophile sex trafficking ring.

The photos were taken on a trip to Africa, but as one might expect, Clinton has no recollection whatsoever. In fact, he has adamantly denied it ever happened, but pictures speak much louder than words. And just so you know, this was not even close to being the only time Clinton boarded Epstein’s plane. He was a fairly regular passenger.

For some odd reason though, Clinton’s misadventures are consistently swept under the proverbial rug by the media. We can only imagine if President Trump was proven as guilty as Clinton, which he never will be since he has no guilt to bear. The media would light up like the Las Vegas strip on a Saturday night.

To put things in a better perspective, according to Epstein’s confiscated flight logs, Bill Clinton was a passenger more than 20 times. Over 20 times! And you know as well as we do, he wasn’t just hitching a ride. Why would he when he had Air Force One at his beckoning call?

Perhaps in their efforts to make Joe Biden appear way more interesting than he actually is, the DNC figured Clinton could make this happen. But boy, has it ever backfired. It also goes to show how Clinton, and the entire DNC, could not care less about the sex-slave victims Jeffrey Epstein forced into ludicrous acts against their wills.

On the day these photos were snapped, Chauntae Davis claims she did not observe Clinton doing anything outside of receiving a back massage, but the mere fact of how he took 26 flights on Epstein’s plane should be proof enough for anyone with clear enough vision. He certainly did not hop on board for gourmet in-flight meals.

Every news source in the country should be pouncing all over this story, but they haven’t, and they won’t. They won’t even go as far as to ask him about it. Especially with all of the investigations currently underway involving the sexual abuse of minors, Clinton’s head should be on the chopping block.

Instead, the liberal media is all about Donald Trump being spotted at parties with Epstein which mostly took place in Palm Beach, Florida where both of them happened to live. Because of their wealth, it was quite natural for them to associate with the same circle of other wealthy socialites, but it stops there. Just because the media would wish something to be true, does not mean it is.

On the other hand, just because they wish something was not true, doesn’t mean it isn’t. See how all of this works?

If you’re tuning in to the DNC, perhaps just for a good belly laugh, do not be fooled by all of the hype. When they are so desperate as to invite someone like Bill Clinton to speak, it’s a pretty good indication of how their ammunition is running low.