Sex Slaves That Escaped North Korea Warn What Democrats Are Doing in America

The Democrats have a secret plan to turn America into a criminal’s paradise. The open border concept is just the beginning. It is the doorway they need to walk right into American and steal young girls to sell them into sex slavery. If anyone were to ask the Democrats straight up about why they want to change America, they would deny any effort on their part to make the country into a criminal’s paradise.

But their actions tell a different story. People that have escaped the kind of environment that the Democrats are hoping to create are sounding the alarm hoping someone can stop them before it is too late.

One such person is Yeonmi Park. The 27-year-old former sex slave is telling people about the poison that demonic professors are filling the minds of young people with. Their poison is precisely the same as the terrible teachings in China and North Korea. Park’s troubles started when she was born in a country that hates freedom and values selling young girls off as sex slaves.

Park fled that environment and came to America to live free. The land of the free was very appealing to her. She represents all people that want to escape the horrors of communism.

And yet, she comes to America and finds that the Democrats are teaching the same ideology as the creeps that sold her into sex slavery. Park noted that “And at Columbia University, literally every professor was saying that, you know, the problems that we have on today’s world is because of white men, how they colonize Africa… that’s how they mess up everything. And they are the one who needs to be blamed.”

The same rhetoric that liberals are saying on national television is already being taught in the classrooms around the country. They claim that white people are the cause of all the trouble in the world. They tell people that they are the ones that are going to bring back slavery. And yet Park’s people are the ones that did all the horrible things to her that she was able to get away from by coming to America.

The liberals in American education are the creeps that are the poster boys of the sex slave traders. They tell the lies that people need to be brainwashed with so the Democrats can open the door for the criminals to set up shop. Then they can start picking off girls to sell on the sex market.

Park mentioned that there was not much difference between sitting in a liberal American classroom and North Korea. She was told that certain groups of people are not as important as others. The liberals may claim to hate racism, but they indeed teach it in their classrooms.

Park stated that she was taken and sold as a sex slave. She had to brave a desert crossing to find freedom. To her, it was better to chance death than to live a sex toy for some man cheating on his wife.

Park noted something that liberals do not want American young people to know. She said, And now I thought I landed in a country where I can say what I believe and have my, you know, freedom to think.” America is a place where it is the right of every person to think freely. But the Democrats want to take all that freedom away.

Park told the world that there is no place in the world that people can go to find true freedom. America truly is the last place on earth that she can think and worship as she wishes.

Her teachers told Park that if her ancestors were slaveowners, her generation was guilty and should live in that guilt and try to make amends with descendants of slaves. That kind of poisonous thinking leads to the horrors that Park left behind. She no longer wanted to be told that she was privileged because of her history. She no longer wanted to be told to live as a sex slave because it was her way of making amends.

Park stated that “You don’t choose your race and people in North Korea being punished for you know, certain class and in this America, the same thing happening right now.” And that is the truth behind the Democratic Party.