SHAMEFUL! COVID-Related Death Obit Gets Fact-Checked by Twitter

By khak

Twitter really has a problem with allowing the truth to be published on its platform. Anytime the truth doesn’t line up with the liberal agenda they have been tasked to carry out, they perform a “fact check” on it.

The “fact-checking” that happens at Twitter is a joke. They don’t actually look for facts. They simply flag things that they don’t like. Then, they hope that the original poster gives up rather than demanding justice.

The problem is that they’re flagging anything and everything that they don’t like, including obituaries. While families are mourning, they also have to deal with Twitter calling them liars. 

A healthy woman died in September because she got the COVID vaccine. It was literally the cause of death. Yet, Twitter flagged it and labeled it as “misleading.”

Twitter and the rest of liberal media don’t want anyone to know that people are dying because of the vaccine. After all, if there’s a chance you could die, you’re not going to get jabbed. Biden doesn’t care if you die. He just wants everyone to get the vaccine so that he can make his numbers look good. A few innocent people dying along the way is inevitable, right?

Twitter provides information on “why health officials consider COVID-19 vaccines safe for most people” when they flag anything negative about the vaccine — including one woman’s obit.

The problem is that “most people” are fine when they get the vaccine. What about the rest? And, what percentages are we talking about? Twitter’s been on a mission lately, flagging posts left and right about people getting sick or dying from the vaccine. Perhaps the percentage is a lot higher than they want us to know about.

The reason that the vaccine percentages are still so low is because of the transparency offered by the Biden administration. They’re not the most forthcoming when it comes to facts and science. They want to pressure everyone into getting the vaccine without being open and honest about the fact that there are people sick and dying BECAUSE they got the vaccine.

Jessica Berg Wilson was the name of the healthy woman who died because of her COVID vaccine. She was a healthy 37-year-old mother. She had no underlying health conditions. She died as a result of COVID vaccine-induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia.

How dare Twitter flag that as misinformation.

It is NOT misinformation.

Facts are facts whether they like it or not.

We have a healthy woman with no underlying health conditions who died because she got the COVID vaccine. Meanwhile, the Biden administration wants to keep telling us that if you don’t have any underlying health conditions that the vaccine is 100% safe and effective.

Clearly, it wasn’t safe and effective for Wilson because she died. And, then, Twitter has the audacity to try to cover up the death.

The only reason that Wilson got the vaccine, even though she was “vehemently opposed,” was so that she could be “room mom” for her kids at their school.

This is what you get when you try to abide by the rules in Biden’s America. You get sick, you die, and then, you become the victim of a government cover-up. 

But, wait, Biden is still demanding that you roll up a sleeve and get jabbed. His numbers are low, in case you didn’t hear.