SICKENING! “Dead Cop” T-Shirts Being Sold Online — Print Reads “1 Down, Many More to Go”

UPDATE: As of June 26, 2019, YouTube pulled the video and it is no longer available.

This is PURE EVIL!

Liberty Horn would like to offer our sincerest condolences to the family of Police Officer Mike Langsdorf.

He had been with the North County St. Louis Police Department for 3 months before being killed on duty Sunday afternoon.

The whole incident was captured by video surveillance inside the store and witnesses later posted the video of the downed police officer on Youtube as well as on Facebook Live.

Shame on them!

It was reported by witnesses that Officer Langsdorf was executed as he lay face down on the floor. The suspect, Bonnette Kymbrelle Meeks, stood over the officer and shot him in the back of the neck at point blank range.

While the St. Louis Police Department mourns for one of their own, one sick individual decided to sell t-shirts and make a profit from the officer’s horrific death.

How can Google-YouTube openly ban conservative content but will allow the viewing of an officer being killed? And they STILL have the video UP!

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**Viewer Discretion HIGHLY Advised**


It’s clear this sick individual was mocking the death of Officer Mike Langsdorf.

This is an attestment to what police officers go through on a daily basis.

We Salute and thank ALL Law Enforcement for keeping us safe.

Leave a message to show your support for Officer Mike Langsdorf and all who serve and protect the citizens of this great nation.

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~Sounding the Liberty Horn!

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