Slavery is Still Alive and Thriving…BLM Couldn’t Care Less…This will Shock You

One of the demands of Black Lives Matter calls for reparations due to the centuries-old slave trade in America. In their minds, every black American deserves compensation for the horrid treatment of their long since passed ancestors.

The Marxist based group further believes that because black citizens continued to live in an oppressive state for so many decades following the abolishment of slavery, they should be further compensated. Had they been afforded the same opportunities as were offered to white Americans, they would be much further along then they are now.

While there may be some justification for their demand, they would be hard-pressed to find any living soul today who had anything to do with what their squabbling about. This battle has already been fought, and in today’s society, equal rights are extended to every citizen, regardless of race or ethnicity.

What they fail to realize with regards to slavery is that anyone having anything to do with the slave trade in America is nothing more than a bag of bones living six-feet under. After all, that unGodly and horrendous activity ended many, many, years ago. Or did it?

Joseph Auga Matamata, a Samoan chief, was recently arrested in New Zealand. The charge? You guessed it. Slavery. So while America remains free and clear of such activity, it’s still alive and thriving elsewhere.

Matamata lured his own people into believing better opportunities existed in their neighboring country of New Zealand. They were coerced into believing they would earn much better wages which they could then send home to their families, thereby increasing their standard of living.

Thirteen of the islanders took advantage of the generous offer. However, upon their arrival, this is not how things played out.

Their passports were immediately confiscated as they were imprisoned in a compound surrounded by a high-wired fence. They were on occasion allowed to communicate with their family members, but only when given permission to do so, and only when under close observation.

Breaking any of the stringent rules they were forced to adhere to resulted in severe beatings, which in many cases were so brutal they left permanent scars.

The slaves were forced to work long hours in local orchards picking fruit, and they never saw any of the money that was earned. Instead, it was kept by the chief, and their slave master, Matamata.

New Zealand authorities, after catching wind of the illicit activity, swarmed the compound like bees on a hive, freeing the enslaved Samoans, and clamping cuffs on the disgraced chief.

In a New Zealand court of law, Matamata was sentenced to 11 years in prison for human trafficking and slavery. He was also ordered to pay reparations in the equivalency of $122,000 U.S. dollars to the victims and their families.

New Zealand authorities say this is just the beginning. They are certain this was not the only compound of this type within their country, and they aim to hunt down the rest of them in efforts to stop this illegal activity once and for all.

They have come to understand how similar situations may be more widespread than they had ever imagined, especially in a post-pandemic world where jobs and money are scarce.

Walk Free Foundation’s Global Slavery Index, a non-profit organization, claims over 40 million people worldwide are victims of modern-day slavery. New Zealand accounts for 3000 of them. Because crimes of this nature are well hidden, for very good reasons, the count could be much higher.

Many of slavery’s victims, once discovered and set free, are too ashamed to speak about the ordeal they faced, and would rather attempt striking all traces from their memories. So they remain silent.

This brings us back to BLM. If these radical anarchist zealots are so concerned about what happened centuries ago, wouldn’t their time and efforts be better served by directing their energies at ending a practice that still exists today?

Of course, this would require compassion. It would require a concern for humanity. It would require positive attributes that are non-existent in their demented world.

So while others around the world continue to suffer the same fates as their ancestors from centuries ago, it should be evident to everyone, all they want is money for nothing. Money, they are unquestionably undeserving of.