Sleepy Joe Can’t Even Remember How Many Grandchildren he has…He’s Nothing More Than Obama’s Stooge

Joe Biden’s mind isn’t just slipping. It’s already fallen down the rabbit hole. This accounts for the reason he refuses to answer questions in a live format. The Dem’s are attempting to cover up the fact that, if elected, he’ll be nothing more than a figurehead.

Biden will be propped up in the Oval Office for photo ops as he flashes his ultra-white dentures with an ear to ear smile, but then he’ll be quietly tucked away so others can run the show. It’s safe to assume that Kamala Harris, with the help of washed-up ex-President Barack Obama, will be calling the shots from behind closed doors.

Hip Hop artist Cardi B, whose chart-topping hit WAP (Wet Ass Pussy) propelled her to fame, recently had the opportunity to interview sleepy Joe. When the interview got around to raising children, Biden claimed to be an expert in this area.

“I’ve got four kids, five grandchildren—c’mon, I’m an expert,” Biden replied. Uh… that’s the wrong answer, Joe. He got the four children part correct, but, he forgot about two of his grandchildren. He has seven.

Natalie and Hunter are two of his grandkids from his deceased son, Beau. His controversial son Hunter, whose immense paychecks are under scrutiny, has three kids from his previous marriage, Naomi, Finnegan, and Maisy. Hunter and his current wife, Melissa Cohen, recently celebrated the birth of a baby boy, Beau, named after Hunter’s deceased brother.

So far, this raises the tally to six, but with little Beau’s birth being so recent, it may not have completely registered with him. But wait. There’s more.

Biden’s seventh grandchild, who he and his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, seldom to never acknowledge, was born out of wedlock. After a court-ordered paternity test, it was proven that Hunter Biden is the not-so-proud papa.

The seventh child, only known as NJR in the Arkansas court documents, is the result of a steamy affair between Hunter and the child’s biological mother, Lunden Alexis Roberts.

At the time, Roberts was displaying her fleshly wares for the Washington D.C. elites at the Mpire Gentlemen’s Club where she went by the stage name of “Dallas.” Hence, the reason for the paternity test. With all certainty, Hunter Biden was not the only spoiled rich kid nibbling on her forbidden fruit.

So while mindless Joe and his caretaker, Jill, continually confirm their commitment to science and the rule of law, disavowing and ignoring their court proven biological seventh grandchild speaks otherwise.

It also speaks volumes concerning Joe Biden’s mental capacity and his comprehension level. If he cannot even accurately recall his number of grandchildren, the very thought of him being appointed as America’s Commander-in-Chief should send shivers up the spines of every patriot in the country.

If Biden somehow manages to pull off getting elected, it won’t be his own doing, it’ll be the result of the behind the scenes tyrants who know he doesn’t have a working brain cell left in his head. In fact, instead of the Democrat ticket reading as Biden/Harris, in all honesty, it should read, Obama/Harris.

Barack Obama is just itching for the opportunity to finish destroying what he didn’t have a chance to get around to during his eight years a President. And what better vehicle for him to accomplish his goals than his good buddy Joe Biden who has no earthly idea what’s going on around him. Smile for the camera, Joe. Good boy. Here’s your treat.

It’s hard to say what role Jill Biden will play in all of this, but being the person who is by and large the closest to Joe, she is obviously aware of the bigger picture.

We can not allow this to happen. Even if you have to crawl on your knees through a field of razor blades to show up and vote, your wounds will heal. If Biden wins in November, America may not. Trump 2020.