Socialists Unite as Recall Election Draws Closer

Gavin Newsom is facing a massive crisis in his political career, and all he cares about is messing around with people’s lives. He cannot stand leaving people alone for more than a day. He has to implement stricter COVID regulations and keep kids from being able to learn in person. He has to destroy the power production of significant power plants and blame all the wildfires on people that would dare use their air conditioners.

His tenacious treatment of the people of California has led to millions of them demanding his recall. Newsom’s actions have led to the death of thousands at the hand of the virus and many more people being forced to suffer through the heat of summer because the demonic governor has to shut off power to people living in a wildfire country.

And then there is the holier-art-thou attitude that little dictator walks around with. During the pandemic closures, the governor would often be found violating his own rules and regulations. Multiple times he was found with his facial diaper and eating in crowded venues with financial supporters. He was also discovered to have allowed the school his kids attended to remain open while all others in the same district were forced to close down and resort to online learning.

Newsom has earned the hate of the state because of his socialist ways. And now that he is facing the recall, other socialists are rallying to his cause and exposing him as the tyrannical dictator everyone figured he was.

Bernie Sanders from Vermont has found his way to the western state for the sole purpose of defending Newsom as the recall election gets closer. Newsom is licking his wounds, and what appears to be help from the east is only rubbing salt in his wounds.

Gavin Newsom has dishonored himself by the way he has tried to run the state. He has lied to people and handed out lucrative contracts to people that financially supported him during his campaign. And now he has a hated socialist trying to do him a favor by verbally supporting him and coming to his aid.

September 14 is the magical date when Newsom will be recalled. His competitors have all but pasted his epitaph on his tombstone. Voters will have a couple of questions to answer about Newsom. They will have to vote “yes” or “no.” There will be no confusing language or particular bills to consider. The people will have the power to get rid of one of the nation’s worst governors ever to serve a state.

The people will also get to choose which Republican will replace the nasty old man. They can jump in bed with Bernie Sanders and Gavin Newsom or give California a fresh new start and bright future by turning the state over to the Republican Party.

Sanders came out and declared that the recall election was just a power grab. He fails to understand that millions of people signed the petition demanding the election be held. It is not the will of politicians that Newsom is facing. It is the people’s will that he has to win over if he is going to survive.

Sanders tried to help Newsom by saying, “At this unprecedented moment in American history, when we’re trying to address the crisis of climate change, guarantee health care for all, and pass real immigration reform, the last thing we need is to have some right-wing Republican governor in California. The September 14th recall of Gov. Newsom is a bold-faced Republican power grab. Don’t let it happen.”

Sanders sees California as a shining jewel in his quest to socialize America. He maintains that his ways are best for the country. But there are plenty of counties that once adopted his socialist ways and are now sitting in ruins with millions of people trying to flee their homeland for a better life.

Newsom is a failure in California. His ways have brought the once desirable state to its knees as it is close to becoming a failed state. The Republican Party is the only force that can save California before it is too late.