Southern Border Open Again – As if It Wasn’t Already

Arthur Greenberg /
Arthur Greenberg /

Joe Biden is officially the worst president to ever sit in the Oval Office. The pandemic should have been over months ago, but for Biden, he just could not let go of the power that he had become drunk abusing. The old man could not pick up and move forward from where Donald Trump left off, and he had to reset and go back to the beginning and act like he had taken care of everything from the beginning.

The southern and northern borders were long closed early on in 2020. The purpose was to keep the virus from making its way into the county. But for Biden to open the southern border for infected illegals to flow across and keep the regular legal ways closed is hypocritical at best. He should have been working on closing the border and opening the checkpoints.

The pandemic closures have been in place for the past 20-months. Donald Trump tried to limit the spread of unknown viruses and wisely closed them down. He even stemmed the tide of the illegal crossings by developing the Remain in Mexico program that Biden quickly destroyed. He was later ordered by the Supreme Court to reinstate the program.

But for some strange reason, the president thought it would be a great thing to let millions of infected illegals cross into America while at the same time banning legal residents and visa holders from crossing for employment and personal reasons. But Biden is against prosperity, so he looks for ways to put people out of work, and keeping the border closed was an easy way to achieve his goal.

The announcement is being praised as a step in the right direction. But in typical liberal fashion, the path to full reopening will be a long one.

Biden will not just let people flow into the country legally as he does for the illegals, and he will have his list of hoops that people will have to work through. Shortly after his announcement, cars began to line up south of the border, hoping to be let back into the country.

The entry points are getting crowded because thousands of people rely on crossings to earn a living for their families.

For nearly two years, people have been kept from their families and their jobs. It would have been easier for them to cross illegally during those months instead of waiting for the checkpoint to open up. At least crossing illegally, they would have had a free Biden bus ride to any place they wanted to go.

The rules that Biden has put in place for entry vary at best. Vaccine rules are already creating headaches for thousands of people. Maria Luisa Gonzalez lives in California, and she was still waiting to cross into the country. She stated that “The operations to speed things up aren’t working. The road diverted me twice, the signs they posted are very confusing.”

Biden is a president of confusion, and he gives zero guidance that makes sense when it comes to entry into the country. City officials have tried to reroute traffic but failed to post directional signs to help with traffic flow. And that does not even cover the border rules.

Joe Biden has made vaccination a requirement for entry. His rules specify that the World Health Organization must also approve the vaccinations before they can be counted as sufficient. Anyone carrying the Chinese or Russian version of the vaccine will not be allowed into the country.

Donato Suarez is one driver that had gotten his Chinese version thinking that it would be good enough. No one told him about the approval list. So now he is stuck waiting for his version of the vaccine to be approved.

He stated that “I never imagined that because I got the CanSino vaccine I wouldn’t be able to cross.” He will not be able to join his family and participate in the fun they had all planned. They will have to sit and wait until Biden finds himself and moves forward again by lifting the pointless closure restrictions.