Special Forces Stay Behind to Keep Evacuating When Biden Won’t

As you well know, Biden’s evacuation deadline of August 31 has come and gone. And while many Americans, as well as Afghan refugees, have made it to safety, there are still hundreds more trapped behind enemy lines, hiding the shadows, just waiting until the Taliban finds them and ends their precious lives.

This might be acceptable to Democratic President Joe Biden and his cohorts. But it most certainly isn’t to the rest of America, and in particular anyone who’s ever fought for our flag.

Take the civilian group, Ark Salus, for example.

According to their website, they are “a group of private American citizens and former U.S. Special Operations advisors with unique expertise who are driven by a moral obligation to assist and protect the Afghans who assisted and protected us.”

And so they have put their minds and that ‘unique expertise’ together to make a difference, to get those who have been left behind out.

Per to the website, their mission is to “safeguard Afghans, their families and rescue them from Kabul.”

Travis Dale Peterson, a board member, explained to The Daily Wire that he and two other former special forces members created the project some weeks ago, before the fall of Kabul. They could tell things were going south and that these men and women who had bravely faced dangers in the past to help America would need protection.

Initially, the goal was to get the families of these “commandos” out “so the commandos could stay and fight and stand for Kabul.”

Clearly, once Kabul fell, that goal changed to include getting every ally out as well as their loved ones.

Peterson explains that this is the only right action to take at this time. “They’re the most dedicated people I’ve ever seen. Saved my life numerous times, countless times, and I owe them this and I’m talking to them daily, hourly, by the minute, from their command structure all the way down to their lowest guy, trying to come for them.”

Well, at least someone is.

Biden has clearly forgotten that a) innocent lives are still trapped under Taliban rule thanks to him and b) it is supposed to be his job to get them out. But, of course, they wouldn’t be in their current situation had Biden not thought the last 20 years of war and fighting for freedom a complete waste of time. Neither would they be in danger had Biden not decided to put his trust in a known terrorist organization that has proved anything but trustworthy.

As Peterson says, “For our administration to even think about trusting the Taliban is absolutely ridiculous. “

The White House has made statements recently that there are some “low hundreds” left in Afghanistan and hinted that efforts might be made soon to get them out. However, that’s not happened yet, and we all know it likely never will, at least not ordered by the Oval Office.

Thankfully Peterson and his team are already on site trying to clean up Biden’s mess.

But according to him, the number isn’t in the “low hundreds.” Instead, he says there are at least 500 American citizens still trapped in Kabul. Not Afghanistan as a whole, just Kabul.

And then there are the hundreds of Afghans that “helped us for the last 20 years that fought side by side” with Americans.

As Peterson says, “They know that death is coming for them. They know it’s the very next day or the hour. They know their children, their wives are going to be burned alive. They know what’s happening and it’s disgusting.”

Don’t they, too, deserve a chance to get out?

Peterson and his team say yes. And that’s why they are promising to fight to get these people for as long as they can, no matter what Biden and his deadline say.

So far, Ark Salus has managed to rescue some 200 to 300 Afghans and Americans.

Meanwhile, Biden sits in the comfort of his Oval Office chair, quite literally falling asleep at the wheel.