St. Louis Brings Back Mask Mandate, State AG Has Other Plans…

If you haven’t heard, there’s apparently a new COVID variant on the loose. It’s called the Delta variant, and according to just about everyone, it’s even more deadly and dangerous than the first round that ravaged our nation and the world. The only question is how much more.

Now to be clear, the first variant of COVID has a mortality rate of less than one percent, meaning that you are over 99 percent likely to recover from the disease should you ever be infected with it. So saying the Delta variant is more deadly could mean you’re only 98 percent likely to recover. The fact is, at the moment, much like when the first-round hit, we just don’t know enough yet to say for sure.

With that said, just like the first round, people are getting far too carried away by fear.

As you well remember, March of 2020 introduced COVID-19 to us, and in the coming months, things like social distancing, mask mandates, and statewide shutdowns were implemented.

And for what?

People with masks still became infected. Those who shuttered themselves indoors for months on end still wound up in the hospital. And the economy took a complete nose dive we have yet to recover fully from.

But it seemed some people, particularly the liberal side of politics, didn’t seem to learn anything from our gross exaggerations of last year. Or at least those in St. Louis, Missouri, didn’t.

As of Monday, the city and St. Louis County began reinforcing the same mask mandates that existed last year, even though numerous vaccines are now available. According to a news release from the St. Louis Department of Health, all those in public indoor spaces over the age of five are required to wear masks. And yes, that goes for those who have been fully vaccinated as well.


As there is so much unknown about the Delta variant, there is concern that the vaccines won’t be effective against the new variant. And there might be something to that.

According to recent studies, the popular Pfizer vaccine is about 98 percent effective against the first variant. However, with the Delta variant, that effectiveness drops to about 88 percent. Moderna also says their vaccine is less effective towards the variant, although no specifics have been given yet.

The one-shot Johnson & Johnson, as well as the similar in design AstraZeneca vaccines, are also said to be less effective, with a near 33 percent efficacy rate.

However, does that lack of efficacy mean that Americans should once again be forced into mandated practices that still can’t be proven entirely as worthwhile?

Missouri’s Attorney General Eric Schmitt says no.

In fact, Schmitt is so upset by the recent announcement by St. Louis and the surrounding county that he has promised to challenge it.

As he said in a recent tweet on the subject, “The citizens of St. Louis and St. Louis County are not subjects – they are free people. As their Attorney General I’ll be filing suit Monday to stop this insanity.”

And he has a point.

Just like when the first mask mandates hit, this one assumes that the state, federal, or even local governments have the right and ability to force action and submission from the people. It treats them like ignorant children incapable of handling their own health concerns as if they don’t know what is good for them.

Instead of letting people choose for themselves how to react to this perceived new threat, it begs that we all cower in fear and simply follow our liberal leaders blindly. The question is, into what?

As I’ve stated before, just as when COVID first came to America, we don’t really know the actual dangers. And while there is some wisdom in preparing for the worst yet hoping for the best, it’s been proven before that there’s a difference between mere preparation and a full-blown panic.

The closer we get to panic or into letting the government trick us into alarm, the closer we are to allowing them to trample on our Constitutional freedoms, as we’ve already seen happen in the past year or so. If we don’t question and hold our government accountable, who knows what they will bulldoze us into.

It’s a good thing the city of St. Louis has someone like Schmitt to do that for them.