State Supreme Court Chooses GOP Election Map Over Dems’ Race-Based One

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As you well know, Democrats are getting a bit desperate as the 2022 November midterms draw ever closer. And that means, in a number of states, they are attempting some rather drastic tactics.

But for those in Wisconsin, the state’s Supreme Court just issued some bad news for those attempts.

With the upcoming elections, both parties are working hard to secure redistricting maps that could offer them a leg up in certain areas and states. For Wisconsin, Democrat Governor Tony Evers proposed a voting map for both state elective offices as well as congressional ones. The congressional one was approved by the U.S. Supreme Court back in March.

However, the one for state offices was thrown out by the High Court. And so, Evers has taken it to the state’s own Supreme Court for approval.

But last week, this court too rejected the proposed map by Evers and instead chose to adopt one drawn up by the Republicans.

To add insult to injury, the ruling comes so late in the game that it will be difficult, if not entirely impossible, for the Democrats to either come up with a new map to propose or fight the court’s decision, according to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

So what was so wrong with Evers’s map?

As you might have guessed, it proposed adding districts, and therefore representation, to the state for areas that have a high potential to vote Democratic. Specifically, the plan was to increase Milwaukee’s black majority districts from six to seven.

The argument was that the city’s black population didn’t grow enough to make an entirely new district justifiable. And it seems both SCOTUS and SCOWIS agree.

Instead, the redistricting map chosen actually decreases the number of black-majority districts from six to five.

According to the Court, it all came down to the fact that Evers didn’t seem to fight hard enough, nor could he prove his case that another district was needed.

As chief Justice Annette Ziegler wrote in the court’s decision, “The Governor did not present evidence of a (Voting Rights Act) violation, despite drawing maps on the basis of race. He produced no evidence of electoral history and no district-specific evidence demonstrating that the black communities he moved among districts would be denied the opportunity to effectively participate in democracy absent his proposed district lines.”

Naturally, Evers and his ilk aren’t all that happy about the decision.

In fact, Evers called the ruling “outrageous” and claimed that it was an “unconscionable miscarriage of justice” on a democracy that is “under near-constant attack.”

It seems to me that if both the US Supreme Court and now the Wisconsin Supreme Court both voted against the Democratic drawn redistricting map, justice and democracy are indeed being taken seriously.

Then again, Democrats like Evers aren’t really interested in actual democracy, are they?

If they were, they wouldn’t have felt the need to manipulate the 2020 election, as many Americans allege. And Milwaukee was no stranger to those attempts.

If you remember, the city and its surrounding areas were one of several to receive rather massive sums from the leftist backing Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg, all in an attempt to bribe potential Democrat voters to check only their approved boxes.

As special counsel Michael Gableman said, the $8 million in grants could be classified as “an election bribery” and were also unfair, as not all Wisconsin voters were given the same opportunities to make money in this way.

In addition, it was believed that a number of state and Milwaukee officials were given similar bribes.

Then, of course, there were problems with voting numbers themselves, such as the fact that some 250,000 Wisconsin voters suddenly applied for special voting status during the election that didn’t require them to show any form of ID. This was a jump of some 170,000 from the previous year.

Curious, isn’t it?

The area also saw thousands of absentee ballots having the witness signatures filled out by municipal clerks and county poll workers thanks to what talk show host Dan O’Donnell called “false and unlawful advice” from the Wisconsin Elections Commission.

And what did all that get them? Leaders who only look out for themselves…

No wonder the state’s High Court isn’t too fond of Democrat voting plans at the moment.