States That Protect Females From Male Intrusion Soon to Be Punished by Joe Biden

Joe Biden and his demonic administration have found a new way of torturing students and forcing the states to support his tenacious regulations and decisions. His latest idea takes civil rights and mixes them with what many perceive to be the foundational attributes of education. All he has to do is tell people that it is within their right to do anything they want, and the school boards have to let them do it.

The nasty old man put out a video that reassures people who want to act like the opposite sex not to be discriminated against in school this school year. Biden has made it his mission to get local powers to allow men to prey upon women in their restrooms. Biden believes that men wanting to be women should be able to use women’s restrooms.

The country has taken a step backward in time. Barack Obama had the same thought and what was found was that the idea was highly unpopular. And Obama had to issue orders against entities restricting the orders. Both Obama and Biden are forcing themselves on people, which is a strict violation of Constitutional freedoms.

The issue he is dealing with is minor compared to events in Cuba or Afghanistan. He would instead threaten Republican states than guarantee the safety of Americans still stuck in hostile territory. But as long as Biden is in charge, men can continue to rape girls in the bathrooms and get away with it.

The video he put out marries his administration to the gay community. He has effectively opened the door for them to demand more favors for their continued support.

Suzanne Goldberg is the Acting Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights. She got together with others in critical positions to show a force of strength for their cause. They wanted their people to know that they would protect them and punish any person that would stand in their way.

Goldberg stood there with her posse and stated, “The Department of Education and the entire federal government stand behind you.” They stand behind many people who deny their true gender and have an issue using the bathroom that matches up to their genetic gender.

The circus of Biden’s administration cannot get any more pathetic. He has entirely made his administration a force that fights worthless issues and ignores the nation’s significant problems. He stands ready for impeachment in 2022.

Kristen Clarke also joined the cause by claiming, “We want you to know that we are looking out for you, and we are here to protect your civil rights. In some places, people in positions of authority are putting up obstacles that would keep you from playing on the sports field, accessing the bathroom, and receiving the supportive and life-saving care you made. We’re here to say that’s wrong and it’s against the law.” Clarke is the Department of Justice Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights.

Biden has put his team together to seek out people who are banning men from using women’s bathrooms. They will be arrested and charged with felony-level crimes, all because a pushy person wanted to play house in real life.

Discrimination has been redefined as any perceived injustice against another person. All the afflicted has to do is claim their right have been violated, and the other person heads off to prison.

Clarke pointed out that her team is “against laws that tried to ban transgender athletes in West Virginia and deny healthcare for transgender young people in Arkansas, and recently federal courts in both states have blocked those laws from being applied.”

Their mission is to create a place where all students can learn in peace. But all they have done is set up a system that will allow transgender sodomites to bully other students that do not agree with their choices in life. They will want to force their ideas on everyone, which is itself a form of the very thing Biden wants to prevent. But as long as it does not happen to his people, he could care less.

Students living in Republican states can file lawsuits against anyone that they want to. And all they have to do is cry about some alleged civil injustice.