Surprise! Progressive Groups Begging Biden to Choose This Person for VP

Joe Biden has yet to announce who his VP is going to be. Conspiracy theories are spinning out of control as to who he could choose. He has said that his VP will be a female, but that still leaves a number of candidates to choose from.

The leftist progressives have something to say. They want to see Elizabeth Warren as Biden’s running mate because they believe she’s ‘woke’ enough to get the job done. Many of the progressives believe that Biden is simply not capable of giving them what they want. and Progressive Democrats of America are publishing an open letter to Biden to urge him to select the female Senator as his running mate. It’s their last-ditch effort to get a progressive on the ticket since Biden was the last man (quite literally) standing.

The entire country seems to be waiting with bated breath to find out who the Biden campaign will attach to the presidential candidate with questionable mental facilities.

After all, if he’s deemed insane or experiences health issues (since he’s already in his late 70s), the Veep would become the ruler of the free world. Meanwhile, the campaign has continued to hold strong to the notion of releasing an announcement in early August.

According to the progressives’ letter, “Senator Warren is deeply qualified to be our next vice president, bringing decades of experience and a track record of leadership on issues…” The issues, of course, are those that are important to the progressives, including the Green New Deal.

Both of the groups supported Sanders during the primaries. However, they’re willing to back Warren as the VP candidate because of her ability to get the job done. They believe that a Biden-Warren ticket will not only trump Trump but also lead the country to where they want to see it.

The Progressive Democrats of America settled on Warren after polling their email list last week. After receiving more than 1,000 responses, Warren was the clear winner with 52 percent support. Second place came in with 18 percent support, which was Senator Kamala Harris.

While the progressives are narrowing in on Elizabeth Warren, other groups still question whether she’s ‘woke’ enough, especially in light of the new cancel culture we’re in.

With Black Lives Matter protests happening around the country, many are turning to such candidates as Keisha Lance Bottoms and Val Demings, both of whom are not only female but also black.

In a country that seems hell-bent on tearing itself apart because we have a history of slavery that we can’t change, Biden needs to be careful about who he picks.

Elizabeth Warren is 71 to Joe Biden’s 77. Both are older candidates. Both could easily be seen as “out of touch” with the needs of the country. However, progressive Democrats are insistent that Warren is woke enough to get the job done.

Now, it’s a waiting game to find out whether their open letter to Biden is enough to convince him to go with an older white female on his ticket as opposed to someone like Keisha Lance Bottoms, who is 50 or Val Demings, who is 63.

The question really becomes who has the loudest voice. Is Biden’s campaign as susceptible to being bullied like so many other Dems are? Will he choose the VP that is shoved at him by the loudest group or will he choose to be calculated about who he chooses to ensure that they are strong where he is weak?

While it’s easy for Republicans to say it doesn’t matter, it does. Trump is strong. Trump beat out a strong Democrat once before. Things happen, though, and who Biden chooses as a VP could be detrimental to not only Trump’s campaign but to the country as a whole if he were to get the vote during the General Election.