Suspicions Over Too Many Voter Registrations Versus Voters

A few years ago, Democrats were caught using dead people to show they were still registered to vote.  It was very possible the dead actually voted Democrat.  Now, voters in some states are suing their state governments because there are more registered voters than people.  An independent organization caught on to the outstanding high numbers of the ratio within the counties of the states of Michigan, Florida, and Colorado.

These are three of the swing states and are essential for President Trump to keep under his belt.  The Honest Elections Project is a nonprofit organization that was the group to catch and raise the red flags.

According to the law, voter registrations must be updated by the states regularly for voters who have died, moved, or in prison.  Within the states mentioned, nothing has been done to update the voter rolls.  This is the biggest reason for voter fraud and leads to “suspiciously high” statistics.

Upon the findings of the nonprofit organization, the voter registrations were compared with the records from the US Census Bureau.  A statement was then given by Jason Snead, who is the executive director of the Honest Elections Project.  Before becoming the executive director, he was a senior policy analyst at the conservative Heritage Foundation.

Snead stated, “All three states have multiple counties where voter registration rates exceed 90 percent, in some cases, they exceed 100 percent. In the last election in 2018, the nationwide registration rate, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, was 66.9 percent. That disparity is a clear sign these states aren’t maintaining accurate voter rolls.”

To break down the numbers within the three states, the organization found 27 counties in Florida were above average by 90 percent on their rates for voter registrations.

Michigan drew up two red flags, with 18 counties over 90 percent.  One county was reported to have over 100 percent.  This is outrageous!

Colorado had two red flags as well.  Nineteen counties were showing over 90 percent, and five were over 100 percent.

This outraged the voters and caused them to stand up to the secretaries of state for each state warning them to fix the problem immediately.  A letter was sent from Attorney William Consovoy, who represented President Trump for many cases.

The letter stated, “Retaining voter rolls bloated with ineligible voters harm the electoral process, heightens the risk of electoral fraud, and undermines public confidence in elections.”  It served as a warning that, according to the National Voter Registration Act, the states must keep accurate records for voters.

The warning is also saying the voters are prepared to sue the states if the problem is not fixed within the 90-day window.  The letter continued, “We ask that you establish if one has not already been initiated, a comprehensive and nondiscriminatory list maintenance program in compliance with federal law.”

It is calling for those who are currently ineligible to vote due to death, incarceration or moved to be removed from the voter roll.  Voters are also demanding information on the measures taken to fix the problem and be updated accordingly.  They want everything completed by this November’s 2020 election.

What is alarming voters, even more, is these three states are not the only ones with these problems as some are drawing up more red flags to favor Democrats.  Let’s look at Wisconsin.  Their courts put on hold purging the voter roll.  According to the registrations, Democrats hold a high turnout.  Democrats are fighting to keep their grip.

Controversy has sparked with battles within the court system in many other states with this same issue.  Why?  Because it gives Democrats the upper hand over Trump in the states with the high electoral votes.  This is not something new.  This is something Democrats have played for years.

The American Civil Liberties Union stated it is a responsible exercise to clean up the voter rolls.  They also warn that other states used this as “a method of mass disenfranchisement, purging eligible voters from rolls for illegitimate reasons or based on inaccurate data, and often without adequate notice to the voters.”

There is no doubt this entire system is screwed up.  Democrats continued to claim Russia interfered in the election of 2016 to get Trump elected, which is clearly proven false.  How much more damage are they doing and have done over the last few decades?  The findings of corruption on the Democrats part is unfathomable!  Purge the voter rolls, and let’s keep “draining the swamp!”