Syria…Libya…Same Thing According to Biden

No one expects perfection out of our president. However, we do expect him to at least understand some basic geography.

Yet again, our president has shown the world that he’s a confused, mentally unstable old man. He kept referring to Libya…even though he meant Syria.

Let’s see. Libya is a country in North Africa. Then, 1400 miles away, we have Syria, located in southwestern Asia. There’s a difference, and our president should know that.

During a recent press conference, Biden was detailing his interest in discussing Syria with Russia’s Vladimir Putin. The problem is that he constantly stumbled over his words – and referred to Syria as Libya not once, not twice, but three times.

Throughout the press conference, he talks about “for example, in Libya…” several times. That, combined with all of the stuttering, it’s hard to understand what he’s actually getting at. No wonder the Biden administration doesn’t let him up to the podium very often. He’s a complete embarrassment.

Jake Sullivan, Biden’s national security advisor, told reporters following the press conference that the president was referring to Syria, not Libya.

Reporters were quick to notice the problem, too. One reporter asked specifically “presumably he was referring to Syria.” That’s when Sullivan had to clarify.

Why is it that the national security advisor has to clear things up for the media? Shouldn’t the president be able to speak clearly enough that there aren’t so many mundane questions following the end of a press conference? Yes, but…clearly that’s not what we’re dealing with.

Sullivan tried to offer more clarity by explaining that Biden has plans to discuss Libya with President Erdogan on Monday and to discuss Syria with President Putin on Wednesday.

Hopefully, there’s going to be someone with Biden during these discussions. There’s nothing quite like using the wrong countries during discussions with the individual presidents.

It’s bad enough that the press conference was live. Any world leader who wants to see the faux pax made by Biden can choose to do so. The Republican National Committee’s research team was quick to get the clip onto social media, too.

The number of political gaffes that Biden has committed in such a short time in office is an embarrassment. As a country that wants to appear high and mighty at all times, we have to do better than Biden. Yet, removing him from office leaves us with Kamala Harris. We have to pick our battles, but we must demand more from Biden and his entire administration.

There are plenty of Democrats who want to write these gaffes off as a stutter. It’s no breaking news that Biden has suffered from a stutter his entire life. However, using the wrong country is not part of a stutter.

More and more people, on both sides of the political line, are beginning to demand explanations. Biden is speaking as though he has dementia or an early cognitive decline. If our president is incapable of speaking in a public forum, what kind of confidence do we have that he is capable of negotiating with world leaders?

He has the ability to completely botch talks with both the president of Libya and the president of Russia. And then what? Where does that leave us if Biden is unable to communicate with world leaders? Do we allow Kamala Harris to do all of the negotiating while Biden remains as a figurehead?

This latest press conference has been eye-opening. Getting two countries mixed up with one another isn’t a stutter. It’s a glaringly obvious sign that Biden is incapable of being the President of the United States of America.

The only question we really have to ask is, what are we going to do about it?