Taking a Knee Should Mean Expulsion From the United States According to Giuliani

The disrespect that the Democratic Party and its followers show the country is a significant problem. These so-called Americans are nothing more than a bunch of terrorists seeking to transform America into the next failed socialist state. Their entire life was lived in the secure environment of America’s borders and culture. Now, they want to disrespect the nation by kneeling during the National Anthem and speaking out against the very freedoms they have come to abuse.

Rudy Giuliani is just like every other patriotic American proud to call this country home. He is appalled by people’s actions that fashionably disrespect the nation that helped them build their wealth. Giuliani called out Eminem for taking a knee during the Super Bowl halftime show. The star dropped to his knee, expecting to be a hero but made everyone mad at him who loved the country.

Giuliani stated on his show that “Let’s get right to Eminem taking a knee,” Giuliani said during his radio program, Rudy Guiliani Show, on Monday. “Why doesn’t he go to another country? I mean, go take a knee someplace else. You know how many cops were defending him and protecting him at that game yesterday? I mean crime is way out of control in Los Angeles. He thinks that all happened because everybody loves Eminem? The simple reality is the NFL has made a mockery of law enforcement, particularly with its support for the cop-killing Black Lives Matter.”

Colin Kaepernick was the disrespectful NFL player who started the kneeling exercise. It was his way of protesting what he saw as police brutality. He never once considered the violent nature of any criminal trying to hurt a victim or rob a person at gunpoint. Somewhere along the line, these rich liberals have forgotten what it takes to subdue a violent person. They are not just going to give up because someone asks nicely.

The man’s backlash is just a tiny portion of the anger that people have for him. Men and women have given their lives so that this rapper could make his millions. Millions of people saw Eminem kneeling during the National Anthem. And now, he takes a knee in disrespect for the people that keep him safe.

Rudy Giuliani suggested that the rapper move out of the country and live somewhere else. The irony is that Eminem will never leave America because he likes the freedom he does have. His hypocritical lifestyle is not compatible with reality.

The former mayor also went after Snoop Dogg by calling him “Snoop ‘kill police’ Doggy Dogg. Just a few days ago, he put out a song if that’s what he does. To me, he’s kind of like [unintelligible grumbling sound]… ere’s a good thing: you know, he uses the n-word and dirty…I don’t even understand him, so you know, it doesn’t have a big effect on me.”

These so-called singers make grunting sounds, according to Giuliani. He cannot understand the lyrics other than a racial slur they love to put out there. But look out if anyone else ever uses that racial slur because they will be violently attacked. But the liberal rappers can get away with it.

Snoop Dogg has lyrics that encourage people to go out and keep killing police officers. And people wonder why there are constant attacks on officers. The fact is that these performers are hateful to the men and women who protect the communities in which they live. Any person who would seek to attack these artists would find that the police were called.

Rudy Giuliani has stated what every person wishes would happen for those who hate America. The Democrats and their liberal followers are the biggest fakers of all time. They may act like they hate the police, but when the time comes and they need them to respond, they have no problem using their services. It is time for them to move out of the country and leave their freedom and prosperity behind.