Tattle-Tales to Fill the Halls of Universities Everywhere

The debate on how to open up schools across America has violently slit groups of educators around the country. Several liberal governors have even suggested that schooling should be done online.

This approach has been attacked by special needs advocates as a way of favoring the “normal” kids and leaving the rest out in the cold. But even this Democratic failure to reach all kids pales in comparison to what liberal universities are doing to catch violators of the rules.

Most of the higher education centers such as colleges and universities have already started opening their doors to students.

The very enjoyable experience that most students have come to know during their college experience is going to change. If the stifling liberals have their way, they will see to it that the atmosphere of colleges everywhere is turned into a racial police state.

Most colleges and universities are controlled by these anti-Americans. They are going to fill the hallways and classrooms with tons of new rules designed to plague students. These rules are based on fear and unscientific fact. They are based on Democrat fear and propaganda.

Enforcement of these rules is not going to be done by teachers or even campus security. The liberals are enlisting the services of racial hit squads. Students will be forced to rat out their peers if they do not comply with the established set of rules. They are enacting a pro-socialist form of collegiate government.

There are many different unconstitutional approaches to enforcement that are going to take place around the country. The unlawful University of Miami plans on encouraging students to tattle on each other. They are being put back into grade school and are going to be forced to rat each other out. Teachers will be enlisted as campus police.

Texas A&M plans on torturing faculty and students by allowing the fearful socialist liberals to push fake charges on people that are complying with rules, but they simply hate their political stance. So, they press charges of COVID-19 rule violations on them to get them kicked out.

The fearful Democrats have pushed fear on so many people and have lied to them so much that people do not know what to believe. So, they fearfully wear a mask in their own homes and attack people that walk by on the streets without a mask. Battles also take place in stores where mask-wearing is optional, and people are attacked by those wearing masks with violent actions and hurtful words.

Such actions are being met with legal action. The University of North Georgia has received a letter from the Southeastern Legal Foundation that claims these rules could violate student rights and privacy concerns. Some feel that their speech is going to be monitored and used against them.

The stage has been set for the innocent to be falsely accused by silly liberals bent on destroying the faith and confidence of people simply trying to better their lives and live each day to its fullest. The professors become the judges and the executioners. There is nothing to stop them from attacking students that they do not care for.

But liberals are all about creating divisiveness within groups of people. Proof of their actions can be seen in the way the BLM treats people and the way liberal leaders fully support violence and forsake law and order.

These rules are going to create awkward situations that students will not want to find themselves in. The Democrats believe students are stupid and too young to know the concerns of the coronavirus. But the truth is that they do understand the importance of continuing to take precautions until things finally settle down.

The nutcases are going to go out of their way to cause fights. These rules are going to divide the American educational landscape. Liberals are harsh towards conservatives that do not agree with their terrible beliefs.

To force people to obey rules based on fear is wrong and will not be accepted by students as a whole. But the environment is in place to let the minority control the majority.