Ted Cruz Demands Law and Order for the FBI

Gorodenkoff / shutterstock.com

Undoubtedly, the Democratic Party has its hands tied to illegal activity. They have sought to ignore the Constitution on more than one account, and they have willingly ignored established laws and rules that are in place to keep people from being mistreated by powerful agencies. And the one agency that is falling under scrutiny is the liberal-run Federal Bureau of Investigations.

The FBI has recently undergone an audit that found they violated 747 times the rules governing their operation. Those violations happened in the past 18 months. Many of them with Joe Biden at the helm of the country. Their willingness to break the rules happened while investigating politicians, political candidates, religious organizations, and media outlets.

The Democratic Party would love to take the audit and bury it in a mountain of paperwork and stories. But Senator Ted Cruz is already demanding an investigation into the hundreds of violations laced around the neck of the FBI. They are a powerful organization that, if not kept in check by the people, can make life miserable for everyone that gets in their way. Ted Cruz has pointed out that they conduct investigations into susceptible people. But these people are not about to get away with their crimes. And it would be easy for them to become politically biased and attack one side, thereby helping the others win close races.

Joe Biden has already tried to empower the FBI to investigate parents who speak out in school board meetings and anyone else who would publicly make a ripple in his plans to dominate the country. Cruz pointed out that the sheer number of findings causes alarm and needs to be dealt with further.

The Daily Wire reported that Cruz wrote in a letter, “As the report details, of the 997 non-compliance errors made, 79% were substantial in nature, meaning they were ‘of significance to the matter and…more than a minor deviation from a … requirement.’ Notably among those is the failure to obtain authorization in opening an investigation, which is ‘about as radical as it gets.’ Further, several portions of the audit, including those regarding investigative methods, search warrants, and recommendations were redacted, presumably to shelter the FBI from public criticism.”

A prime example of Christopher Wray’s, the Director of the FBI, unwillingness to help Republicans gather information was seen in how he refused to answer questions regarding the FBI’s involvement in a probe of the Concerned Woman for America group. He refused to answer questions asked by Ted Cruz. All he did was dance around the questions and be as vague as possible. Cruz noted that the FBI has a way of stopping things from taking place and not providing information about critical issues.

Ted Cruz is demanding that Dick Durbin investigate the matter. He stated, “I, therefore, call on [Durbin] to convene a full Committee hearing, or to the extent necessary, a closed hearing of the full Committee, to ensure transparency and accountability.”

The Daily Wire pointed out that the people who performed the audit only looked at a small number of cases and found hundreds of issues. Things were quietly buried and filed away with the hope that they would be forgotten into the darkness of time.

The violations committed by the FBI could very well have been constitutional violations. Biden has already tried to use the organization to shut down parents who want to stop damaging content from being taught in the public school system.

Joe Biden and his administration represent a group of people who want to turn America into a socialist country. Biden’s secret police would be able to treat people in ways that should never be discussed or experienced. It would be a place ruled by the Democrats, and enforcement of set standards would happen in the shadows by people connected to empowered agencies such as the FBI. But that is what happens in a government ruled by evil instead of by the people.