Ted Cruz Has Some Fun with an AOC Tweet

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez seems to thrive on being the center of attention. And when she’s getting the attention, she tends to forget what she’s saying or doing.

In a recent trip to Texas, AOC found herself in the red state to campaign for two progressive candidates. She believed that it was “inevitable” that the state would soon find itself turning blue.

During the campaigning, she said that they are going to fight for a living wage and “unionize the hell out of this state.”

The New York Representative is really showing her ignorance here. Clearly, she doesn’t know how Texas works or what Texans want. She also fails to realize that there are many people moving out of progressive states like New York and California because they’d rather enjoy what the red state of Texas has to offer.

AOC decided to have some fun – and even danced a bit. While the camera was rolling, she decided to send a little clip over to Ted Cruz with a comment of “Ted Cruz could never.”

There’s a lot that we could say about this. Was she challenging him to a dance-off? Was she simply getting him to look at her?

One radio host in Seattle, Jason Rantz, thought that he’d have some fun before the Texas Senator could reply. “Ted Cruz would never send a thirsty tweet like this? Agreed.”

It was a bit thirsty. AOC was taunting. She was dancing and shaking her hips in an effort to get noticed. She could have tagged anyone, but she chose to tag Cruz as a way to bait him into saying something.

Senator Cruz wasn’t about to let AOC have the last word, so he decided to fire back a tweet.

“True that. @AOC Only Dems can be such shameless mask hypocrites. Dance while you make the ‘little people’ mask up.”

Ouch. Cruz never fails when it comes to the way in which he responds to AOC or any other progressive.

The video speaks the truth, too. She’s maskless, which is allowed in the state of Texas. However, there are several others in the video that are masked – and Cruz is hinting at the possibility that AOC made them wear masks so that she could feel safer.

There’s more than just the video that shows Cruz might have a point. Jessica Cisneros, who is trying to oust the more moderate Democrat Henry Cuellar (D-TX) posted a photo to thank San Antonio for coming out. AOC and Cisneros are both featured without their masks. Yet, all of the help and everyone in the audience are wearing masks.

Again, in Texas, people can choose to go maskless if they so desire. It’s part of the beauty of living in a red state – and why so many people are moving to the state every year.

AOC has no problem going without a mask in Texas (and in Florida, for that matter) yet she wants to keep pushing mandates in her home state of New York. And it appears that Cisneros is fine without a mask, too. But, for the two to feel comfortable, everyone else has their choice taken away from them.

It’s the famous “rules for thee but not for me” that the progressive left has become known for during the pandemic.

It’s questionable as to why AOC even bothered to come down to Texas. She’s helping Jessica Cisneros win a House seat that already belongs to a Democrat. Only if you look closer does it begin to make sense. Cuellar is a moderate and Cisneros is a far-left progressive. Basically, AOC is trying to add a new member to the Squad. It’s just what we all need, right?

If this article has taught you anything, you have to vote. And if you live in Texas, be sure to get your neighbors out to vote, too. We need to prove AOC wrong that the state of Texas will not be turning blue now or ever, no matter how much she dances.