Ten Foster Children Died as a Result of Dr. Fauci’s Negligence…Who Wants the First Dose of a New COVID-19 Vaccine?

Many of America’s citizens are demanding that Dr. Fauci’s voice be once again heard. To them, the good Doctor has been purposely silenced to keep them from knowing the real story behind the COVID-19 pandemic, and to give the false illusion of Donald Trump having has expertly handled the crisis.

But not everything is always as it appears. Getting to the real skinny of things almost always requires scratching below the surface to where the truth actually lies. But they don’t want to scratch. If they discovered the truth they wouldn’t have anything left to cry foul about.

While the left contently remains enshrouded in their brain fog, for the record, let’s have a look at Fauci’s past record. It doesn’t quite measure up to the undue praise he is being lavished with by the uninformed.

Fauci’s National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases fell under investigation some years back concerning their research in developing a new drug to combat AIDS. Their calloused approach, under Fauci’s leadership, used human guinea pigs as test subjects.

The subjects of his experimental testing were by no means volunteers. He felt it better to use what he must have considered “throwaway” kids who didn’t matter. Fauci chose foster children from NY, IL, and elsewhere.

To make his terrible decision even worse, the children were administered a non-tested drug without any promises of patient protection. Many of them were not even provided with patient advocates, as required by law, to monitor the children’s health as the drug surged through their veins. As a result of Fauci’s negligence, 10 of the children died.

Fauci solemnly promised a highly supervised scenario throughout the entire process, but he bold-faced lied. A successful AIDS drug was finally developed, but only after Fauci and his crew violated every ethic in the book. But wait. There’s more.

In 2003, a pregnant woman in Tennessee feared she may pass her AIDS diagnosis on to her unborn child who was not far from popping out of the chute. Out of desperation, the woman volunteered for an NIH sponsored test program.

The NIH kept a constant flow of a new hopeful drug circulating through her system, despite the patient showing signs of liver failure. She later died, along with her stillborn child.

The woman’s death prompted an internal investigation which revealed the NIH to be a “troubled organization.” The resulting report cited the NIH for “sexually explicit and colorful language.” It further stated that the organization was “seemingly unaware of the need for appropriate behavior, decorum, and enforcement of good management practices and rules of supervision.”

At the same time, the Office of Government Ethics discovered that two-thirds of NIH employees were moonlighting in the private pharmaceutical industry, which was a clear violation of ethics.

The chief of ethics and regulatory compliance, Dr. Jonathan Fishbein, cited Fauci’s lack of responsibility, and his wilfulness in allowing his department to carry our their blatant ethics violations. It wasn’t until the ethics committee became involved that these practices came to an abrupt end.

Dr. Fishbein said, “Fauci is all about Fauci. He loves being the headline. It’s his ego.”

Throughout the following years, Fauci’s practices have fallen under intense scrutiny, yet, for some as yet unknown reasons, he is still praised as a leader in the field of research. Few people know the truth behind his history, but now, you do, and you can take this information to the bank, Fauci has blood on his hands. Lots of it.

These days Dr. Fauci spends his time advocating for every American citizen to be injected with a COVID-19 vaccine once it’s developed. Just trust him. Everything will be hunky-dory.

It’s a shame how the liberal community will rely on his advice since they obviously know little to nothing concerning his past devastating mistakes, and his continuing lack of any real leadership in the fight he is supposed to be battling. Unless of course, you share this information with them, which we hope you will.

Their very lives may depend on it.