Texas in Forcing It’s a Laws on Major Airlines That Are Forcing Employees To Be Vaccinated

By Jeramey Lende shutterstock.com

The state of Texas has to wage another fight against the onslaught of Joe Biden and his failed healthcare policies. The Biden Administration has released its vaccine mandate and told corporations around the country that they will be the ones to enforce it or face massive fines. He could not bring himself to be the one to enforce such a law because he knows full well that it is illegal.

Southwest Airlines was the first Texas-based company to tell their employees to show proof of vaccination or start looking for another job. It was not much later that American Airlines followed suit, and they felt the need to push people into doing what they did not want to do or risk financial hardship.

The lousy president has found a way to get what he wants by pushing people into choosing between feeding their families or obeying his dictatorship. Both of the airlines have decided to force their people or get another job. Their push to make life miserable for everyone will affect the holiday travel season because of the legal action coming their way.

Governor Greg Abbott ordered that no Texas-based company will force its employees to hand over proof of vaccination. They do not have the right to demand private health information, and not even Joe Biden can demand such information without facing the wrath of legal action.

Every person working for or contracting with the two Texas-based airlines is being forced to obey. The airlines are risking heavy financial losses if they continue to play this most dangerous game. The more they try and force people into compliance, the more they will walk out and file legal action against the airlines. And with the holiday season coming up, it will mean them losing millions in revenue because people are just going to fly with their competitors.

The fight for freedom is underway as Southwest employees take them to court and seek an injunction against the mandate. The airline never did consult with the union before telling employees that they were going to be fired if they did not get the shot. The announcement was issued, and enforcement of Biden’s ways took place without any notice on the airlines’ part.

The union filed a notice with the airline stating that nothing had been said to them. The airline was told that they left natural immunity and the concept of exemptions. They acted alone and told everyone that their jobs were on the line if they failed to comply.

American Airlines was no better. They tried to lie to their people by telling people that there would be extended delays long before they ever told their employees about their decision to back Biden.

The Allied Pilots Association stated the following to American Airlines. They stated, “The Allied Pilots Association requested that American Airlines find “alternate means of compliance with the Executive Order be made available for professional pilots” so as not to prompt mass firings and unpaid leave following President Joe Biden’s September announcement mandating large employers to require vaccinations or weekly testing.”

The unions are not the only ones fighting back. Six people in Texas filed suits against their employers because they were asked questions about the medical state and religious beliefs. They were even told they were to get a letter from their pastor stating that the mandate violated their religious beliefs. The company did not trust its workers.

The cases are underway, and a rule is expected soon. But the court did order that the airlines could not fire or put on leave any of their employees until the cases were heard. The court even went one step further by telling United that they could not let people go or denying exemptions from being given to employees from getting the shot.

Joe Biden has achieved his goal of splitting the nation. He wants to bring back segregation which puts people on a different level of society. The horrors of the civil rights years have returned under the watchful eye of communist Biden.