Texas Legislature Takes on Literature Filled with Pornographic Material and Liberal Lies

By Chinnapong/shutterstock.com
By Chinnapong/shutterstock.com

The public school system is under attack by extremists seeking to kidnap young people by indoctrinating their minds with liberal poison. They have flooded the libraries with pornographic material to force acceptance of a drag queen’s lifestyle. The graphic pictures and material are something that should only be found in landfills.

Many of the books secretly placed in schools around the country tell how young boys and girls can engage in homosexual activities and pedophilia methods. The books are showing up in school libraries at all levels of learning, and grade-schoolers can check out pornographic books just like the high school young people can do.

But the leaders in Texas are not going to stand by and let the Democrats abuse kids so they can brainwash them into believing the lies being pumped into their heads. The liberals are in for a fight that is going to knock them off of their feet.

The Hill reported that Matt Krause is the representative leading the fight. He has called for and started a probe that will look into the books that the liberals are stashing around the schools. Part of the problem is that the schools have reportedly failed to remove select material deemed as banned once the state passed a ban on Critical Race Theory teaching.

The Hill reported that Krause had found that five different school districts had removed select material because parents discovered it. That tells him that other schools are still hiding the material because they do not want to comply with set laws.

Krause is demanding that schools give him information on subjects that the Hill reports deal with “sexuality, sexually transmitted disease, AIDS and HIV and ‘material that might make students feel discomfort, guilt, anguish, or any other form of psychological distress because of their race or sex.'”

Hill stated that “The specific books Krause is looking for, attached in a 16-page list first reported by the Texas Tribune, date back to 1968. Many deal with abortion, teen pregnancy, sex education or the life experience of young LGBT people. Others deal with the Black Lives Matter movement or the concepts of anti-racism.”

The material in question in question is designed to enlist young minds into pushing dangerous teachings in public. These young minds become the next wave of protestors and violent protestors because the liberals teach them that Republicans are oppressive and want to keep people from living a free life.

The Democrats see Krause’s investigation as a “witch hunt.” Many of them think that he is going to run around and try to burn all the books. And yet, just a few years ago, the liberals cried about Dr. Seuss’s material is in the libraries and demanded that it be removed because it was racist.

The Democrats are taking their actions against books and making it look like the Republicans are engaging in Nazi behaviors. The liberals are also trying to make parents out to be terrorists for finding the issue in the first place.

RedState reported that “The kind of books being circulated around at the moment are ones like ‘Gender Queer’ which features graphic illustrations of homosexual sex, and others like ‘Lawn Boy’ which speaks approvingly of a pedophilic situation. A mother in Loudon County read excerpts from books in her child’s school’s library that discuss graphic sex acts in the 9th grade as well as violence against women.”