Thank You! Trump Brings Home 50,000 Stranded American Citizens

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is providing some welcome news to American citizens during Holy Week. This week was supposed to serve as the peak of the coronavirus and Pompeo is looking to provide a glimmer of hope. United States citizens who found themselves trapped abroad are now being brought home.

Over 50,000 United States citizens were spread across 90 countries until recently. Nearly 500 flights have been commissioned from all over the world and these repatriation efforts are unprecedented. The United States has not seen a crisis on this level in our lifetimes. That’s why we have no point of comparison.

US citizens who were traveling abroad for business or pleasure before the coronavirus took place were left wondering how they would get back. Countries started to shut down all of their travel arrangements. There were no flights, trains or buses available. Pompeo worked tirelessly to make sure that these citizens were given the travel assistance that they needed.

This process is fraught with issues and it has taken a great deal of coordination with various organizations and authorities. American citizens need to be reunited with their families and when Pompeo was asked when he will be done, he said he will not stop until people can travel on their own once again.

Holy Week is an important one for Christians and Jews alike. This is the week when Easter Sunday and Passover are celebrated. Hopefully, Pompeo’s words can provide a much needed silver lining to the dark cloud that we are all currently living under. It can be hard to find a reason to be optimistic at a time like this and that’s why the current administration is working around the clock.

President Trump has spoken with 10,000 faith leaders recently and he wants to thank them for being ready to raise the spirits of the American people. We may be apart physically but we can take this time to reflect on our personal relationships with the Lord.

The World Health Organization was also a topic of discussion. Pompeo was asked about the WHO and Trump has also been asked about his willingness to withhold funding. The US government has been forced to re-evaluate their relationship with this organization. If the WHO cannot deliver the outcomes that they are promising, they are not going to receive the same funding that they have become accustomed to.

The United States currently offers more funding to the WHO than any other country. The organization has a $38 billion budget and the United States is responsible for 15 percent. As a point of comparison, China contributes less than 1 percent. Why is the WHO taking the time to parrot their propaganda? They contributed to the downplaying of the threat that the virus posed.

American taxpayers should not be asked to fund an organization that is looking to carry the water for China. The Chinese government should be taken to task for their actions but they are being treated as conquering heroes instead. It is easy to see why the current administration is re-evaluating everything. Billions of dollars are at stake.

The taxpayers should receive the full benefits of the money that they are spending. If the WHO is not going to execute the mission that they are being paid handsomely to achieve, they should head to China and ask them for the money instead. They would rather follow their lead and offer up the same propaganda that they are presenting.

Maybe they can make up any funding that they are about to lose that way. China should be the one to make up the difference. As long as the WHO wants to become the Chinese mouthpiece, they should be willing to go ask them for the money that they need to remain operational. In the meantime, the United States has too much work to do to be spending time worrying about WHO related concerns.

If their funding is cut, the liberals are sure to cry foul but they will be doing so without knowing the facts. It is hard to dispute the assertions that Mike Pompeo is making at the moment. Can anyone look at the current situation and say that they believe the WHO has done their best?

Of course not. Instead of assisting the countries that are helping them to remain solvent, they are kissing up to a country that provides them with next to no funding. We wish them the best of luck going forward. They are certainly going to need it if they continue down this path.