Thanks for Helping Out at Inauguration, Enjoy Some COVID

Why is it that people are only supposed to violate the CDC recommendations when it benefits the Democrats of Congress?

We’re not supposed to travel unless it’s an emergency. Those are recommendations posted on the CDC website. And according to the Washington DC visitor’s site, the city is in a public health emergency through March 31.

The president being inaugurated is hardly an emergency, yet Nancy Pelosi was scared. She convinced the rest of the liberals to keep National Guard troops from all over the country in DC following the riots. They stayed through the inauguration.

And, because the troops do as they are ordered, they traveled to DC. And they stayed. And they stayed some more. They served and they protected.

Rather than getting the warm thank you that they deserved, many of the Hawaiian National Guard was thanked with a case of COVID-19. While they aren’t exhibiting symptoms, they still got a positive test result that could lead to health problems at some point.

Seven of the members who traveled to Washington from the Hawaii National Guard tested positive for the coronavirus. They provided security on Inauguration Day as they were told to do.

Prior to getting on the plane and flying across the country, they were healthy.

25,000 troops were authorized to serve at the Inauguration – a number that was grossly inflated because of being overly fearful. God forbid Nancy Pelosi have nightmares of being kidnapped.

So, Hawaii did their part and sent 200 guard members. Upon flying home, all were tested. The seven who tested positive have been in isolation. And those who tested negative still have to complete a 14-day quarantine as that is the requirement in place by the state.

What a spectacular thank you the Democrats were able to offer. Even those who didn’t test positive still had to deal with their lives upended for another 14 days.

There was no reason for the troops to be in DC in the first place. And many are still to remain in Washington through mid-March because the liberals still perceive a threat. What threat? That Americans don’t like the president? Well, that’s perhaps because many Americans believe that he lied and cheated his way into the seat.

However, it’s ridiculous to demand that so many troops remain in DC – especially when they’re given insufficient accommodations and they’re constantly exposed to COVID-19.

Sending the troops on various flights all around the country after the potential exposure in DC is only going to wreak havoc on the COVID-19 numbers, too. The CDC says not to travel – yet Pelosi doesn’t have a problem if the troops do it. Whatever it takes to keep her safe. She has proven time and again that she doesn’t care about keeping the rest of the country safe.

At least Hawaii has measures that require people to quarantine for 14 days. What about the states where those troops can go right back to work? To the grocery store? Send their kids to school? Numbers are likely to increase in the areas where there are National Guard members coming back from DC simply because of the exposure that they had.

What kind of thank you is that for those who have given up their normal jobs to go serve? They’ve had to hug and kiss loved ones for weeks – and some are still separated. And for what? The guard members have been shoved into the corners of parking garages and exposed to COVID.

Thanks for your service. Here’s a throat swab and a 14-day quarantine for serving your country. Oh, and we expect to see you again soon if we get scared. That’s the message that the Democrats have sent.

Gee and they continuously wonder why there are so many in the military who would have wanted to see Trump win the presidency. At least Trump kept them out of war.