That’s Why We Love Trump! President Buys Hundreds of Pizzas for Hungry Supporters (Video)

President Trump wanted to let his supporters know that he is okay, so he took a quick ride over the weekend. The motorcade departed from Walter Reed Hospital for a little spin. This gave him the chance to wave to supporters who had gathered outside of the hospital to wish him a speedy recovery.

Later that evening, Trump decided to go above and beyond. Several Domino’s pizzas were sent to the group every 45 minutes. While most would be thinking of themselves at a time like this, Trump simply wanted to make sure that his supporters were all well fed. It doesn’t get much more gracious than that, does it?

“WOW!! President Trump has been buying his supporters pizza every 45 minutes! How generous!! Thank you @realDonaldTrump #WalterReedMedicalCenter” said MrsMogul. She’s just one of the many Twitter users who were thrilled to see Trump being so kind. This definitely goes against the perception that many of the leftists on there have of him.

They all want to believe that he is some sort of evil and angry man who is hellbent on making lives miserable. Nothing could be further from the truth. “More pizzas are being brought in, nobody knows the source of this set #Trump #WalterReed #WalterReedHospital” said BGOnTheScene. It is entirely possible that Trump did not want anyone to know where the food was actually coming from.

That’s what helping people is truly about. You don’t do it for the accolades or for the positive press. You do it because you see others in need and feel compelled to step up to the plate. The commentary that came from the supporters was priceless, as well. “You know it’s from Trump because the pizza isn’t gluten-free. There’s meat on it. Trump’s an alpha,” said one grateful supporter.

He’s got a point there. We highly doubt that Joe Biden can even eat a pizza these days without having some sort of unwanted reaction. All jokes aside, stories like this one come as a major relief for Trump supporters. When he was first hospitalized, no one seemed to have any concrete information. Everyone was fumbling in the dark.

Once the president released videos from his hospital room, the initial fears were assuaged. No one has to worry any longer. In fact, there is already speculation that he could be allowed to head back to the White House within the next few days. For those who are worried about any potential effects on his campaign, there is no reason to fret.

A few days in the hospital shouldn’t have a negative effect. If anything, we are curious to see how this stay affects his attitude about the virus. Is he going to be like British prime minister Boris Johnson, who was similarly willing to downplay the virus until he got it himself? Those who are closest to Johnson believe that his battle with this virus dimmed his wattage a bit, forcing him to be a bit less brash.

Or, will Trump emulate the tactics of Brazil’s president? Jair Bolsonaro referred to COVID-19 as a little flu before he ended up contracting the virus himself. Since his case was fairly mild, this only emboldened him to talk more smack. Trump seems to land in this category, too. Will that keep him from continuing to downplay or has this put some fear into him? We are unsure what his voters would prefer to see at this point if we are being honest.

If we had to guess, we would presume that he will continue to project an aura of toughness. There is only a month left until the election. He’s going to need to get back out on the campaign trail as soon as possible. The pollsters are claiming that Biden has opened up a larger lead but that remains to be seen. Trump has plenty of time to close the gap between now and November.