The Catholic Church Heads to the Supreme Court

The epic case that is going to affect a lot of religious organizations is set to be heard by the Supreme Court. Religious organizations have been under fire lately by disgruntled employees seeking the same kind of treatment that they would get at a secular institution.

The problem is that many religious organizations are struggling with finances and cannot provide the care or the same benefits that others are enjoying at other jobs. The Catholic Church is not immune to such cases.

Two people that were once employed by a Catholic school in the state of California are trying to sue the school because they were fired. Of course, this has to happen in California where the liberals reign supreme.

The guts of the cases involve whether federal law applies to religious organizations. These cases will set the tone for many years to come on what people can do towards private organizations when they lose their jobs.

Agnes Morrissey-Berru is one of the two employees that believe she was wrongfully fired from her teaching position. The school decided to not renew her contract for the coming year because they believe that her performance as a teacher was not up to the level of their expectations.

The fired teacher from Our Lady of Guadalupe School in Hermosa Beach sued the school. She believes that they fired her because she was too old. She is claiming age discrimination.

The second case that has made national news involves one teacher named Kristen Biel. She is suing the St. James School in Torrance. Her contract was not up for renewal way back in 2014. She is claiming that she was being treated for cancer and that is why they did not bring her back. Her surviving spouse is carrying on the case with the hopes of winning in court. He believes that the school violated the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Both of these crybaby people are trying to define religious matters because they are not accepting the truth about their terminations. The first case was because she was just not what the school was looking for.

And the second case is reading into something that is just not there. Once again some people are trying to mix religion with the federal government because they feel that they were somehow cheated out of something that they deserve.

The heart of the issue comes down to what is meant by the ministerial exemption that is written as part of the First Amendment. This clause protects the religious expressions of people that engage in faith-based endeavors. The exemption clause keeps religious organizations from having to deal with frivolous claims made against them when employees become angry and wanted to enact vengeance on the organization.

If a person is allowed to sue a religious organization based on secular federal law, then there is nothing that is going to keep it from ever happening again. People that hate religion will find ways to take advantage of the churches and denominations for their greed.

The cases have made their way through the courts of America and have now landed at the feet of the Supreme Court Justices. District courts had originally ruled in favor of the schools. But a liberal Appeals court judge decided that the exemption did not apply.

The judge defined that ministerial word as a position of a minister which neither person was at the time. They were secular teachers is how the Appeals court saw them. Yet, they worked for a religious school which makes them truthfully religious school teachers and not bound with secular laws.

There are a lot of liberal people that will sue anyone just to make a quick dollar. They can never accept the truth about themselves. The truth is that they are lazy people that will not stop until they have ripped off everyone that they possibly can.

Other similar court cases were found that the person could not sue the religious organization for their decision to terminate their contracts.