The Ghost of Hitler is Alive and Well in China as Slavery and Genocide Continue…America is Taking a Stance

Who would have ever thought the government of Communist China would be guilty of telling a big fat lie? Well…the obvious answer is…everybody. And they would be correct.

Slavery is a highly enterprising business for the Chinese. It allows them to produce goods for major international corporations at mere yens to the dollar, while these same corporations rejoice at their overflowing financial coffers. But at what or whose expense?

Consumers of these products, such as Nike shoes and Dell computers, are not getting let off of the hook either. Who in the world wants to pay more for the products they cherish and enjoy? Even though many of these consumers are fully aware of the circumstances in which their ‘can’t live without’ products are being manufactured, they develop blind eye syndrome.

So just who is being enslaved? Thousands upon thousands of Uighur Muslims residing in a section of China called Xinjiang, are being used as slave labor by the Communist Chinese regime.

But it doesn’t stop here. There is much more to this horrific picture. In efforts to reduce this pesky population, the Chinese, in a fashion very much akin to the tyrannical acts of Adolph Hitler, is guilty of genocidal acts against an entire population who is guilty of little less than breathing.

Uighur Muslim women are now being forcibly injected with intrauterine drugs and devices, rendering them infertile, and literally hundreds of thousands of these women have undergone abortions through no will of their own, under far less than sterile conditions.

If any of these families have more than three children, they are slapped with a heavy fine which none of them are capable of paying. Because of their inability, the Chinese government penalizes the family further by storm-trooping in and carting the kids off to an undisclosed location.

Ignoring recent drone footage of the atrocities the Uighur’s face daily, the Communist Chinese continues to deny the fact. Instead, they are deceivingly claiming the Muslims are living and thriving in total peace and harmony in a Utopian paradise.

The drone footage shows Uighur men with their heads shaved, being marched, lined up information, and loaded on trains bound for who knows where. Sound familiar? Yet the government holds with the outlandish claim that Uighur birthrates are increasing.

While it’s a known fact that imprisonment and torture continue to be the order of the day for any Uighur who refuses to conform to the beliefs and lifestyle demanded of them, little, until now, has been done to stop these intense human rights violations.

The U.S. recently imposed further sanctions on China, preventing high-tech companies from purchasing needed parts and equipment from any U.S. based manufacturer. Great Britain has done the same, though they have taken the sanctions one step further.

Any worldwide corporation involved in purchasing their products from slave employed Chinese sweatshops can keep their goods for themselves, or sell them elsewhere. This includes U.S. companies, of which there are far too many. Anything for a buck is no longer the standard.

Unfortunately, many of the guilty U.S. companies couldn’t care less about what Great Britain thinks. In their minds, profits rule. After all, it’s of ultimate importance to keep smiles on their stockholders faces.

As earlier stated, consumers don’t want to pay more for something they have always paid less for, regardless of the human cost. It’s an out of sight, out of mind type scenario that comes with at a horrendous cost. But with China being so far away and all…who cares?

As a nation that has always stood for the rights and dignities of the humankind, no matter where they are located, President Trump and other American officials are keeping a keen eye on the situation.

If the first round of sanctions against China fails to deliver the proper results, more will follow. On the upside, China is fully aware of America’s military might and power, and they have no desire to be on the losing end of something not within their capability of finishing.

This mistreatment will come to an end. A free America lead by Donald Trump, one way or another, will see to it.