The Grandaddy of Conspiracy Theories…You’ll Either Laugh or be Terrified…We Want to Know

By a show of hands, who doesn’t love a good conspiracy theory? One that required untold hours of immersion in the deepest darkest corners of the www where few dare to go? No matter how bizarre a conspiracy theory may appear on its outer layer, now and then there lies some truth under the visible surface.

Also now and then, it’s unsubstantiated hogwash. Since the job of the media is not to determine fact from fiction, but rather, to shoot straight and let their readers take it from there, check this one out and let us know if it leaves you laughing or frighteningly concerned. You’ll be entitled to feel either way.

The internet as we only think we know it does not exist. It did, but in an as yet undetermined timeframe somewhere between 2016 and 2017, something mysterious happened. The diabolical plan came together. Human interaction as we only believe it to appear is under the full control of bots.

What we see may not be the same thing as seen by someone else. Bots are publishing content aimed at particular groups of people based on their personal input from Google searches, visited websites, and social media input. Only people within a particular group will see the content created specifically for them, and vice/versa, other groups will see things they won’t see.

A similar scenario exists when posting comments and replies on social media. The person posting the original content will see their post exactly as it was input. Others, depending on their assigned group, will read it differently. The same thing holds true for the post’s replies, and in many cases, the replies are coming directly from a bot and the user hasn’t a clue because they can’t see it. Bots also have the keen ability to post on someone’s social media account without the owner of the account ever seeing it, and it’ll only be seen by whoever the bots determine should have a gander at it.

The theory’s original blueprint was presented in an online forum in January 2021 by a user going under the handle of IlluminatiPirate. The user expressed how AI (algorithms) know exactly what cranks the tractor of every internet user in the world, and exactly what will trigger every emotion they never even knew they had.

As a brief explanation, an algorithm tells a computer, or bot, how to transform information into however it wishes it to appear. Sometimes the output is useful, other times it’s destructive and intended for malicious purposes. It all depends on how they have been programmed to respond.

IlluminatiPirate had remarked on the forum thread, “I’ve seen the same threads, the same pics, and the same replies reposted over and over across the years to the point of me seeing it as unremarkable. I think it’s entirely obvious what I’m subtly suggesting here given this setup. The U.S. government is engaging in {sic] an artificial [sic] intelligence-powered gaslighting of the entire world population.”

As the theory has continued to grow by those who have taken an interest in its viability, its also gotten deep. Believers say major corporations and the U.S. government are members of the same team but playing different positions. On the government’s behalf, the bots shoot out propaganda where, when, and to who, they determine needs a little reinforcement.

Corporations use the bots to control what consumers buy, eat, watch on television, invest in, all the way up to the type of casket they want to be buried in. They control every aspect of our lives, including what we find attractive in the opposite sex, or the same sex, depending…not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Certainly, the internet of today is lightyears from the “You’ve got mail” internet of yesterday. The word algorithm didn’t back then. But now that it does, and they do exist, they’ve become highly sophisticated throughout the decades, and their power has become immense.

Everything a person sees online is directly targeted at them and it’s all determined by a small group of corporations and the good old government. This has everything to do with why your liberal friends keep posting unfounded information you may have never heard about. They aren’t getting the real stuff.

Perhaps the saddest part is how bots have brainwashed people into living the lives they may not have “organically” chosen. In other words, algorithms and bots have turned us, the internet users, into robots.

Now it’s your turn. What do you think? True or false?