The Media Smear Trump Over Rally, but Not Talking About Biden’s Train Wreck of a Rally

As I am sure you’ve heard, President Donald Trump held his first post-Coronavirus rally this past weekend. I’m also sure you know that many discouraged the event, claiming that it was a reckless way to gather attention and political movement so soon after the novel pandemic.

And so when it turned out to have less than the expected attendance, those same people were quick to mock the President, even calling the Tulsa event a failure and disaster.

The BOK center, where the Saturday night event took place, has a capacity of about 19,000. And considering every single one of Trump’s previous events more than filled each venue, this rally was expected to do the same, at least by some.

However, considering the recent pandemic and still-very real health threat, it wouldn’t take a genius to imagine that attendance might not be quite what it was before COVID-19.

However, when it comes to the actual number, there is some discrepancy. According to the Tulsa Fire Department, 6,200 tickets were scanned. But the campaign says that the magnetometers counted about 12,000 people.

OAN’s Channel Rion noted that the place was about “75% full – enthusiasm nonetheless is loud and full throttle.”

Based on pictures of the event, I would have to say this 75% estimate is a bit high. But I’d also say that the fire department’s count of just over 6,000 isn’t quite high enough. However, the exact number doesn’t exactly matter anyway.

What does matter is the media’s continuous bias against Trump and their uncanny ability to degrade everything he does.

They got one picture or one estimated number of attendance from the night and immediately began their parade of calling Trump and the event as a whole a failure because, unlike his past rallies, this one was not filled to overflowing.

Take CNN, for example. They reported that the event was turned into a debacle because of such low attendance. Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin wrote about it as “disastrous.” And NBC News noted that Trump was “furious” because of the “underwhelming” crowd.

However, along with failing to note the still evident fear of Coronavirus that most definitely played into the smaller than usual numbers, they also seemed to ignore Trump’s competition.

You see, while the nation prattled on and on about whether it was right or wrong for Trump to hold a political rally at this time, Biden held one of his own.

His took place on Wednesday in Philadelphia.

But as a New York Times reporter noted, it was attended by even fewer people and “with such little fanfare that I didn’t even notice him enter the room.”

Lisa Lerer wrote, “Over the course of my career covering politics, I have attended hundreds of presidential campaign events.” But she added, “I’ve never been to one anything like Joe Biden’s economic address in Philadelphia suburbs today.”

According to Lerer, the only people in attendance were a group of about 20, and they appeared to be “handpicked.”

“About 20 handpicked local officials, small-business owners, and reporters say in folding chairs, each placed within a large white circle taped on the floor of a recreation center to maintain – or at least encourage – social distancing.”

Lerer added that the silence in the room was “striking,” and no one even introduced Biden or let it be known that he had entered the room.

“There was no introduction by an organizer to pump up a crowd that wasn’t there, as is typical with campaign events. He just stood behind the lectern, pasted with the placard ‘Reopen Right: Safer and Stronger,’ and began reading a speech off the teleprompters, assailing President Trump.”

And has become his norm in light of his tendency to blunder and gaffe, the speech lasted less than 20 minutes.

Now, I don’t know about you, but when comparing the two events, I’d say Trump’s was not the “disastrous” one.

Especially when you consider that it was aired on live, national television. Fox News reported that over 8 million tuned in to watch. And that was just one network. Another 11 million watched from Trump’s social media platforms.

No wonder Trump’s campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh is saying, “Let me tell you, we had 12,000 people in the BOK Center and that’s approximately 11,990 more people than attended Joe Biden’s last event.”

But of course, mainstream media doesn’t want to talk about that.