The Newest Liberal Curriculum in Schools: Furries

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The liberals have decided that they want to keep pushing the curriculum in schools to see just how far left they can go. We’ve seen them try to infuse the Critical Race Theory into classrooms. We’ve seen them indoctrinate kids with gender and sexual identity discussions. And now, they want to talk to kids about furries.

While something named “furries” sounds innocent enough, as if it’s to reference all of the stuffed animals that kids love, it’s not. Furries is a sexually deviant concept where people dress up in furry costumes and have sex with one another. It’s a kink that is akin to bestiality. Only, instead of actually fornicating with animals, it is fornicating with humans who are dressed up like animals.

Is this something we need to be teaching our kids? Of course not – and certainly not in the second grade.

Enter an elementary school in Austin, Texas. And yes, Texas. As much as the state is red, there’s a blue spot in the middle that encompasses Austin and some of the other liberal areas near the capital.

In the Austin Independent School District, parents were disgusted to discover what their second-graders were being taught about – the subcultures of youth. The worksheets were uploaded to a Twitter account. Students were being taught about goths, furries, and much more. A “Design Your Fursona” even had students designing what their fursona would look like, complete with asking whether it would be male, female, or nonbinary.

The Daily Caller asked the Austin Independent School District about the worksheets. “One curriculum team looked at our resources and it is not in our curriculum nor is it part of counseling or social emotional learning.”

Well, at least it’s not part of the permanent curriculum – but clearly, at least one teacher thought it would be a good idea to teach a class of second-graders about it.

Furries, as a topic, has no place in elementary school – or in public school at any grade level, really.

According to WebMD, a high percentage of furries identify as LGBTQ+, but it doesn’t stop there. A number of male respondents in the furry community also acknowledge that they view “furry pornography.”

Yeah, this needs to stay as far away from public schools as possible.

As for Daily Caller’s question to the Austin school district as to whether they found the assignment to be acceptable, well, there were crickets. It’s not surprising. It’s much easier to push the curriculum when they’re not getting caught than to openly acknowledge that they’re teaching it.

We really have to look at what’s being done at public schools. Liberals think that it’s okay to teach students virtually anything and everything about today’s culture. They don’t stop to think about whether the content is appropriate for a specific age group. By pushing the material on minds that are too young, it indoctrinates them into a lifestyle that they may have never otherwise fallen into.

And imagine the parents who have to field countless questions when their second-grader gets off the bus. Mom, what’s a furry? Mom, can I be a furry? Mom, why do furries want to have sex? Mom, what’s nonbinary? The questions could be endless – and answering the questions will surely steal away a child’s innocence.

It’s not that the conversation of furries has to be off-limits. It’s just that it has to be off-limits in a public school environment. The fact that the liberals don’t see that is what is truly terrifying.