The President Tackles Anti-Semitism with Executive Order

America is Israel’s closest ally. For the most part, the majority of people love Israel. Almost every president that has served has been in favor of Israel. But there has only been one with the bravery to do what has needed to be done.

President Trump has crossed lines of fear and has recognized certain elements of Israel that defines who they are as a nation. He has declared Jerusalem to be their capital. And he has supported the settlement of the West Bank.

But now it seems that he is not finished yet doing what should have been done decades ago. The president sent out another executive order that provides authority for the Department of Education to stop anti-Semitic discrimination that is happening on college campuses around the nation.

Jewish students and people have been persecuted for centuries. Once in a while, a few people come onto the scene to help provide a wave of help for the Jewish people.

While the rest of the world hates Israel, America supports the tiny nation. President Trump’s order adds to the protections that Jewish students have under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The article prohibits any type of discrimination on the grounds of race, color or based on where they are from.

The wording is carefully chosen to encompass everything “It shall be the policy of the executive branch to enforce Title VI against prohibited forms of discrimination rooted in anti-Semitism as vigorously as against all other forms of discrimination prohibited by Title VI.” The Jewish people are hated by way too many people and the president just put a major ace in their hand.

The president said “My Administration is committed to combating the rise of anti-Semitism and anti-Semitic incidents in the United States and around the world. Anti-Semitic incidents have increased since 2013, and students, in particular, continue to face anti-Semitic harassment in schools and on university and college campuses.” What the president has pointed out is that the Jewish people are facing an increasing number of incidents that are aimed at destroying them as a nation.

His critics would argue that the order is dangerous and sets a precedent that may lead to their deportment if they have dual loyalty between two countries. Some have even stated that “As Trump plans to sign an executive order classifying Judaism as a race or nationality, remember that in Hitler’s first written comment in 1919 on the so-called Jewish Question, he likewise defined the Jews as a race and not a religious community.”

This narrow-minded response clearly shows that the person does not have a clear understanding of what the president means. A person’s biased interpretation of the past never interprets the future correctly. It skews it to the point that it defines their reality. The president’s critics clearly do not understand the purpose of this order.

Another person would issue a silent threat towards the president and Israel when he would say “This one might have a few unintended consequences.” This was said by Richard Spencer, who is a white nationalist. He does not believe that the Jews are white or European. He believes them to be something else but would fail to say what that is.

The president’s son-in-law said it best and had it right when he stated, “The executive order does not define Jews as a nationality. It merely says that to the extent that Jews are discriminated against for ethnic, racial or national characteristics, they are entitled to protection by the anti-discrimination law.”

So many people jump to conclusions when they try to understand things that they do not completely read through. President Trump is not defining what Judaism is all about. He is just making sure that they are no longer being persecuted on college campuses. The president loves Israel and so do most of the United States people.

When President Trump said the following he was speaking for all of Israel’s supporters “You have people — Jewish people — and they are great people and they don’t love Israel enough. The Jewish state has never had a better friend in the White House than your president, Donald J. Trump.”