The US is Preparing for After-Election Violence in Case Biden Wins

United States officials are currently in the process of preparing for Election Day. There are a number of worries across the board. If violence breaks out, they are not going to be caught flat-footed.

The National Guard and the local police have to be prepared for any possibility at this point. Each location has its own laws and ordinances that have been put into place to protect its citizens.

Meanwhile, there are other concerns that need to be addressed. For starters, the National Guard is not going to be summoned to protect those who looking for enhanced security.

Local police departments and poll workers are the ones who are expected to handle that. Cybersecurity is an area that the National Guard is willing to lead the way on.

If hackers and foreign governments attempt to interfere with the voting process, the National Guard promises to deal with it. There are some states where they will be helping.

They are not going to be dressed in National Guard regalia, though. They will be clad in civilian clothing. Ballots are going to be handed out and tables will be set up.

Election workers are not able to work in the same capacity that they once did. Since the current pandemic is riskier for the elderly, many of them are going to be staying home this year.

This is understandable enough. Security guards are going to be stationed at a number of polling places, too. Ballot drop off boxes need to be protected so that no one is able to tamper with them.

This year’s tensions are off the charts so it is easy to see why extra precautions are being taken. There are some states that are not looking to station uniformed officers outside of their polling places. This is interpreted as a form of intimidation. Miami Democrats complained about the presence of an officer who was clad in a Trump face mask. His department may discipline him for this stunt.

New Jersey is also considering some last-minute legislation in this regard. Officers who are present at these polling places need to be protected at all times. North Carolina had a similar dispute. Republican State Sen. Paul Newton took issue with a memo that was issued by the Board of Education. They were ordering officers to stay away from the polling locations and Newton says that they were overstepping their boundaries.

Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson issued a directive in Michigan about the presence of visible guns, saying that they would not be allowed at any polling location this year. The state has an open carry law on the books but there are concerns about the presence of armed officers at ballot drop-offs. For their part, police authorities in Michigan have claimed that they cannot adhere to the directive from Benson.

The officers who have been dealing with street violence over the course of the past few months are also worried. Police Superintendent David Brown of Chicago are already prepared for the presence of outside agitators. You have already heard all about these folks. They are the ones who keep turning the “peaceful protests” into something completely different altogether.

“From those lessons learned over the summer, we are planning for that to be a feature of peaceful protests,” says Brown. “We have operations in place to ensure that they don’t destroy property, that they don’t cause further violence, and that they are held accountable,” he continued. Kentucky and Wisconsin are deploying National Guard troops, though.

Every location has to prepare for their own issues. No two plans seem to be exactly alike and that’s probably for the best. The aftermath of this election plans to be ugly. Violence is sure to erupt one way or another. If Biden loses, though? Things promise to get absolutely out of control and we will be staying inside with the doors locked.