There Are Thousands of New Migrants Heading for the US Border

The crisis at the southern border of the United States continues to escalate. Thousands of additional migrants have gone through Panama, most of them from the country of Haiti. They are moving toward America according to a Reuters report.

The report stated that up to 4,000 mostly Haitian migrants have passed through the dangerous jungles of the Darien Gap in Panama. The path has taken them along the Colombian border as they head north towards the United States. The report was taken from two Panamanian government sources.

This crisis of immigration at the border between the U.S. and Mexico has been at the forefront of issues in recent days. There have already been thousands of Haitians that descended upon the border town of Del Rio, Texas, with plans to come into the country.

According to Reuters, there are many more migrants on their way to the U.S.:

“Between 3,500 to 4,000 migrants are passing through migration reception stations in Darien and Chiriqui, said a source with Panama’s security ministry, who requested anonymity. The group includes Cubans and other nationalities,” the source said.

There are also reports of about 16,000 migrants who are stuck in the town of Necocli, a northern beach area of Colombia. They are apparently waiting their turn for very limited boat transport toward the Darian Gap. They will meet smugglers there who will guide groups through one of the most treacherous regions of Latin America.

Alejandro Mayorkas, the Homeland Security Secretary, said on Friday that 150 medical personnel have been sent to the camp in Del Rio. They have been asked to deal with the health issues of the migrant community and set up new medical facilities in the area. Mayorkas also indicated that as many as 30,000 illegal immigrants have passed through the camp, according to The Daily Wire.

The White House administration has been given harsh criticism over how they have handled the border crisis. Through their border policies, people believe that they have increased illegal immigration and caused families to make the dangerous trip to the United States with the hope they will be granted asylum and permitted to stay once they arrive.

According to the Daily Wire, Mayorkas appeared on Fox News Sunday and told host Chris Wallace that about 10,000 to 12,000 illegal migrants have been released and the number could be even higher. He said that about 5,000 migrants from the Del Rio border camp are still going through processing.

The Homeland Security Secretary also said that the number of migrants released into America could increase, as well as the number who are returned to their home country.

There is some intense criticism rising for not only President Biden’s administration but the establishment media. The focus is on how they highlight the actions of some Border Patrol agents instead of the actual border crisis. Just last week, some in the media characterized the actions of horseback-riding agents as “whipping” migrants rather than using reins to control their horses.

Governor Greg Abbott, the Republican from Texas, talked on Sunday about how his agents are being misrepresented.

“First, they wouldn’t have been in that situation had the Biden administration enforced the immigration laws and secured the border in the first place,” Abbott said. The governor went on to describe how the person that took the pictures said that the Democrats were making false characterizations of the Border Patrol agents. They were not using them as whips but were simply maneuvering horses.

Abbott stood in strong support of the Border Patrol. He said that if the president took any action against them if they were at risk of losing their jobs because the president abandoned them, he would give them a job in the state of Texas. Governor Abbott declared that he would bring them on to help secure his own border with Mexico.