This Democrat Admits Conservatives Rule America and Will Not Tolerate Liberalism

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The Democrat’s loss in Virginia is having a psychological effect on the party. They cannot believe that American’s do not want to stroll down the path of liberalism and into socialism. They are all in denial unless they realize they need to stand on American principles or face defeat in 2022.

The Democrats did not just lose the governor’s office because they also lost the lieutenant governor’s office and several other critical power seats. The state went from being a deep blue to being a deep red overnight. And there is nothing that they can do about it.

The voter’s selection of the next leader still works in America.

John Berman is the host of “New Day” on CNN. He is still trying to make sense of what happened to his beloved party. He had as a guest Democratic Senator of West Virginia, Joe Manchin, and he was eager to find out his thoughts regarding the climate change happening around the country.

Berman was forced to admit that the country is not as liberal as the Democrats think it has become. He reluctantly admitted that the nation is more conservative. But he could not say how much he thought because it would just continue to fuel the red wave surging around the nation.

Joe Manchin is the thorn in Biden’s eye. He continues to resist party-line voting because he came to realize early on that it was best to listen to voters and keep America from trotting down the wrong path.

Berman wanted to know from Manchin what was going on, so he asked, “Abigail Spanberger, Congresswoman from Virginia, a Democrat, said of Joe Biden, she says, ‘Nobody elected him to be FDR, they elected him to be normal and stop the chaos.’ What do you think about that?”

Manchin is still a Democrat, but he is closer to conservatism than the rest. He told Berman that Biden is having a lot of trouble because Biden is not willing to work with anyone, especially those who serve as Republicans.

Manchin confirmed what Berman had already stated. He said, “We can’t go too far left. This is not a center-left or a left country. We are center, if anything, center-right country, that’s being shown. And we ought to be able to recognize that.”

Manchin was part of the Democratic party that once loved America, and he was willing to see the larger picture and work with others to get there. But Joe Biden is also from that era. But he has fallen for the progressive agenda lies that make people think that America is a leftist country.

The fraudulent election count of 2020 has led many liberals to believe that they are the new superpower.

The liberals went too far down the liberal path when they suggested that parents do not have the right to raise their kids. This one issue is one that the liberals want to forget all about.

Berman asked Manchin about it “One of the issues that seemed to play a large role in Virginia was education and parents’ role in education and in some cases the way that America’s history regarding racism has been taught in those schools. Now you were a former governor. You have dealt with schools directly. Why do you think this was a fertile issue there?”

Manchin was not going to answer the question because he and the others wanted to forget about the statement that cost the left the state of Virginia. The Democrats want to drag Americans down the path of socialism, and it is not going to happen unless somehow every last conservative disappears from the face of the earth.

Republicans are the sole factor keeping the country from being destroyed by the far-left Democrats.

Parents will always have the right to raise their kids and dictate how they are to be educated; after all, the parents are responsible for paying the teachers’ salaries through property taxes. They should at least have the right to dictate what their kids are being taught.