This Is Biden’s America! Elderly Woman Brutally Forced to Vaccinate

Former employees at an Aegis Living Facility in Issaquah, Washington have come forward with shocking allegations. These accusations are saddening, to say the least. Medical malpractice, insurance fraud, and elder abuse are all taking place at this location. It’s every bit as awful as you would fear. The elderly deserve so much more than this.

Project Veritas is here to blow the whistle on the whole thing and we are glad to see it. Cassandra Renner, who used to work as a Medical Technician at the senior living center, provided details about one incident that should give everyone pause.

A resident refused the vaccine, as is their right. From there, they were given a sedative, which was compared to Xanax. In order to make sure that she got the shot, they lied to her and told her that it was something else. This is one of the vilest things that we have heard in some time.

“I had overheard a chemical restraint being given to one of the residents I worked with in order to get her to take the COVID vaccine…They had given her a PRN, like Xanax, and they were successful after giving her the PRN in order to get her to take the COVID vaccine.

The resident was lied to about what shot she was receiving. She was told that it was the flu shot,” Renner shared. How can these people live with themselves after this? This is one of the most disgusting things that we have seen since the pandemic began. It goes beyond the pale and we hope that something is finally done.

You might have thought that this was the worst of the story. By the next morning, the patient had passed away. “She’s no longer with us and in her last moments of life she had to have her dignity removed,” Renner continued. Another whistleblower who was closely involved, Jonathan Schlect, is backing up the account that Cassandra provided.

When this woman passed away, Jonathan was deeply hurt. He had grown to think of her as a family member. He said that he “loved her a lot” and fought back tears when she passed away. “They should technically have a care conference or telehealth visit with the family beforehand and make sure this was alright. 3 o’clock in the morning my phone went off… she was not responding, a little responsive, but by the time she got to the hospital she died,” Schlect says.

“[It was like] she was my own family member. I loved her, I loved her a lot,” he finished. This is not the only issue that the whistle-blowers uncovered. Abuse was taking place, as well as insurance fraud. Renner says that the residents are only receiving about half of the necessary care that they need. Signatures from staff members are being forged, so that the facility can pretend that they are doing everything that they can to help the residents. It’s sad to see and we are angered.

As one of the leading providers for senior living in the west, this is a massive exposal. Aegis Living and all of their higher-ups need to be taken to task. We have some other choice words for them but we are doing our best to keep things family-friendly. Perhaps this is a lesson that this facility should have learned. Instead, they have turned their backs on proper care and common human decency.

With a total asset portfolio that clocks in at over $2 billion, they have no excuse to behave in this manner. What are they doing with all of this money? They are certainly not spending it on the right care for their residents. Thousands of elderly citizens are staying in these facilities and the prospect of this is terrifying. Something needs to be done before it is too late. Otherwise, things are going to go from bad to worse before we know it.