This Is What They Voted for? Pelosi’s Faithful Army Brutally Assaults Trump Supporters in San Diego (Video)

In San Diego, California, another ridiculous scene unfolded over the weekend. The “good” folks of Antifa were looking for trouble and of course, it did not take them long to find out. A small group of Trump supporters who were on the scene were brutally assaulted by these thugs, in a development that should shock absolutely no one.

The Trump supporters were hit with pepper spray after a verbal argument started to escalate. The fight was shared on Twitter but of course, no one wanted to report it to the rest of the country. If the situations were reversed, this would have been front-page news and we never would have heard the end of it.

The San Diego Tribune was able to provide a report and it is quite telling. Apparently, police presence on this particular boardwalk was quite heavy. We are not sure why anyone was there looking for a fight, especially not the empathetic left. They are the ones who claim that they are simply too kind and considerate to be getting into street brawls.

It’s funny how we seem to come across a clip of them trying to fight on an everyday basis, though. The police declared the gathering to be unlawful and the Antifa members were not about to heed the warnings. They treat the police’s warnings as a mere suggestion in most instances. Everyone has seen it, there’s no point in pretending that’s not the case.

The San Diego Police Department ended up arresting three protesters. They will be releasing further details on those who were arrested today. After the protests were declared to be unlawful, the officers were pelted with all sorts of projectiles. Rocks and bottles were among the items that were thrown. The crowd even attempted to aim their pepper spray at the officers.

The officers are left with no choice once items are being thrown at them. They are left with precious little recourse at these points in time. “Rocks & bottles are being thrown at officers. Pepper spray (OC) from the crowd is being sprayed towards officers. When rocks, bottles, pepper spray, and other objects are thrown or used on our officers, actions will be taken against those who commit violent acts,” the police department tweeted.

We understand why these steps had to be taken. If people don’t know the full story, they automatically assume that the police were wrong. While we were not on hand for this event, it does not seem like the police had much of a choice but to try their best to disperse the crowd. Hopefully, the same organizations that are worried about the Capitol protests are also rounding up these protesters.

To the best of our knowledge, none of the mainstream media outlets seem to be the least bit interested in reporting on what took place in San Diego. The Democrats now have free reign because everyone’s attention has been swept away by the events of last week. People’s attention spans were already short before and now they are only going to get even shorter.

We fear that Congress and Antifa are now moving hand in hand and it is hard to believe that this is not the case at the moment. Anything that they do gets swept under the rug. In most scenarios, their actions are even blamed on other people. When there are no consequences, that’s when these types of actions are only going to become more and more likely to continue.

That’s why we fully expect to see more stories like these as soon as Biden has had the chance to take office. Everyone knows that he is the personification of the “look the other way” mentality that has taken root on the Democrat side over the past few years. The more they get away, the bolder they become. This is Biden’s America now and we are just living in it.