This Is What the Left Is Really Thinking About Your Kids Education! “Parents Want Their Babysitters Back”

Unfortunately for them, parents had already logged into the meeting. If they had known this, they might have spoken differently. One parent decided that they were going to record everything that was said and uploaded it to YouTube. This gives parents all over the country a nice glimpse into what the lefties really think of them.

Superintendent Gregory Hetrick wants to change the public commentary system. If he has his way, concerned parents will be cut off within three minutes. That’s sure to ease the worried minds of parents who are terrified of sending their kids back to school. Not to worry, though. They are here to explain away those fears, too.

Kim Beede is a board member who had some very inflammatory remarks to add to the discussion. She asked if they were alone and wanted to know if the conversation was a private one. Once she was given that reassurance, she decided to really let loose.  “B—h if you’re going to call me out I’m going to f–k you up. Sorry, that’s just me,” she said.

These board members are acting like thugs on a power trip because no one is able to stop them. They hold the future of our children in their hands. This level of callousness is enough to make any parent wonder what their little ones have done to deserve this sort of treatment. Parents with genuine concerns are being treated as if they are a nuisance. The following excerpt from SF Gate about the words of another board member will make your blood boil.

“They don’t know what goes on behind the scenes. It’s really unfortunate they want to pick on us because they want their babysitters back,” said Brizendine.

Board member Richie Masadas joked that his brother had a medical marijuana service and “the clientele were parents with their kids in school.”

“When you got your kids at home no more smoking out,” Masadas added.

This is what they think of parents who want to send their kids back to school. You’re all a bunch of marijuana obsessed low lives who want their kids to be in school so you can get high all day. Sure, there are probably some parents who feel that way but to paint everyone with that brush feels very mean (and wrong).

Parents just want to see their children continuing to develop. They have spent nearly a year in stagnation and that’s disconcerting to any parent. This school board has decided to portray all of these parents as being deadbeats and we are appalled on their behalf. ABC 7 had the chance to catch up with some parents who heard the comments and their responses are a must read.

“I was shocked to hear the district is representing our children this way,” said parent Jennifer Cardinale.

“I thought the board members were also advocates for my child and had her best interests at heart. After last night’s incident, it really has me thinking that they don’t,” said parent Ashley Stalf…

“They see us writing letters monthly, weekly, to the board members, detailing our stresses and grief about distance learning. For them to say we are doing nothing and sitting home and smoking pot is far from the truth,” Stalf said.

A petition is now circulating, asking the board members to resign from their posts. We hope that they are removed as quickly as possible. The full video is an enraging watch but a necessary one. Superintendent Greg Hetrick released a statement apologizing for the words that were said but its too little, too late. These board members should all be ashamed of themselves.