To the Taliban the U.S. Is Dead…There Will Be No Cooperation…Especially While Biden’s in Charge

By santoelia

It should come as no surprise how the Taliban wants nothing to do with the U.S., and in particular, the Biden administration. They’ve had enough first-hand experience with ‘bumbling’ Biden’s crew of half-witted colleagues to know they’re better off without them. Besides, the entire lot of liberal flower children have collectively made it much easier to bypass national security with more deadly antics. Cooperate? Yeah. Sure thing, America.

To shed more officiality on the matter, the Taliban has not only made their intention public, but they’ve also prohibited every other extremist group in Afghanistan from having anything to do with the U.S. Their message has been made clear. There will be no compromise.

Despite the Taliban’s unwavering stance, their senior officials have reluctantly agreed to at least entertain the U.S. at an upcoming meeting in Qatar’s capital city of Doha. Since both sides still have some serious issues to tend to, they’ll argue their points back and forth in the hope that their opponent will cave. Needless to say, this meeting could last a while.

The two sides plan on tossing around the touchy issue of safely evacuating all remaining Americans, foreign citizens, and Afghans who assisted U.S. forces. This issue comes amid a broken deal with Donald Trump in the eyes of the Taliban so the fate of those left behind remains in serious question.

Considering how Biden didn’t have enough forthwith to consider and plan for the issue in advance, why should it be their problem now? The Taliban have already agreed to a little leniency in this area but anyone Biden sends their way better be more persuasive than what they’ve experienced in the past.

When asked by The Associated Press, Taliban spokesperson Suhail Shaheen said that as the Islamic State group, IS, becomes more active throughout Afghanistan, Washington will hear less and less about what’s going on within their borders. The Taliban needs absolutely no help with containing the group that has in recent days claimed responsibility for a number of attacks.

One such attack was on a mosque in the city of Kunduz where Shiite Muslims were praying. Dozens of the minority group were wounded and 46 of them said their final amens. 

Shaheen said the Taliban aren’t concerned about IS, or Daesh, as they are referred to. “We are able to tackle Daesh independently,” he said. Case closed.

Since 2014, IS has made it its mission to rid the planet of Shiite Muslims and the Taliban have never had a problem with them doing so. They’re doing them a solid. But, IS is also the terrorist group that poses the biggest threat to the U.S. They’re fond of traveling to new and exciting places but that’s no cloth off the Taliban’s turbans. Safe travels, guys.

The U.S. has made it clear that meeting up with the Taliban is not a signal that there’s even the slightest possibility of ever recognizing their newfound power as having legitimacy. They’re murderous thugs.

To complicate matters, U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman just returned from Islamabad where she met with high-ranking Pakistani officials to discuss what to do about Afghanistan.

The officials pleaded with the U.S. to give a warm welcome to Afghanistan’s new regime in an effort to ward off the countries impending economic collapse. In doing so, billions in international funding would be released to keep Afghanistan’s head above water. The conundrum lies with the fact that for the U.S., crumbling Afghanistan’s bank account might be the better of all options. 

On the other hand, Pakistan is telling the leaders of Afghanistan how they should be kinder and gentler. How they need to pay better attention to the human rights thing that’s become all the worldwide rage. And as one might expect, the Taliban isn’t hearing it. They aren’t overly fond of Pakistan sticking their noses in their business either.

So goes life in the Mideast, where to the inhabitants of these ravaged and wartorn Muslim lands, it’s just another day in the lives that will never change.