Top GOP Senator Declares American People Have Given Biden Failing Grades ‘Across the Board’


The Republican senator from Wyoming, John Barrasso, took aim at President Joe Biden during an ABC News interview on Sunday. Barrasso, the chairman of the Senate Republican Conference, declared that the president’s approval rating continues in a downward spiral.

George Stephanopoulos, the ABC News host, started with this introduction for Barrasso, “You heard Brian Deese right there on the Build Back Better plan. He says it’s fully paid for; it’s going to reduce the deficit; and 17 Nobel laureates back the White House judgment that it’s not going to increase inflation.”

The senator jumped right in, “Look, the American people have given this president failing grades across the board on his first quarter report card, failing because of high costs and prices, failing because of an overrun border, failing because of the tragedy and the failure in Afghanistan,” Barrasso said.

He went on to note that only one in five people in America think that the country is moving in the right direction. He also maintained that no matter what bill Biden signs in the days ahead, it is not going to change the failing grades he is being given.

Barrasso focused on the problem that the Democrats are now wanting to go “all in” with a massive tax and spending bill. He believes that this is going to harm American families, and people are going to be saddled with higher prices, higher taxes, and there is going to be an increase in the national debt.

The Wyoming senator said that it was the Republicans who are heading in the right direction. The Democrats are “full speed ahead against the ideas of what the American people want.”

Barrasso said that even Jason Furman, President Obama’s economic adviser, said what the Democrats are proposing will add to inflation in 2022.

Stephanopoulos shot back saying that the proposed Democratic tax increases are almost solely focused on millionaires. He said that the White House said the Nobel laureates believe that it will not increase inflation. And then he asked the senator what evidence he had that it will increase inflation.

Barrasso started with the fact that this was not just a $2 trillion deal. He thought it was much closer to a $4 trillion cost. This was because what the Democrats added in after their election losses have been tax breaks for millionaires.

Barrasso indicated that this was not just his thinking, but what the experts are saying is in the bill. He said that the more Americans find out about it, the less they will like it.

He said that some experts are saying that 30 percent of middle class Americans will end up paying higher taxes. Then the senator pulled the curtain on details few have focused on saying that Nancy Pelosi put in special tax breaks for millionaires in California, New York, and New Jersey. These tax breaks were actually going to give a tax break to two-thirds of the millionaires in America.

Barrasso went into even more detail on the things in the bill regarding energy and climate. He said these decisions were going to raise energy costs considerably in the year ahead, and this was at a time when “the American people are already paying sky-high prices to heat their homes, to drive their cars, to buy groceries, and inflation, as we know, hurts the most vulnerable.”

Barrasso hit the nail on the head when he said that the poor, the people living on a fixed income and the elderly were going to get hurt with the present inflation. Then he said that he just could not believe that in just ten months in office, Joe Biden could lead us to a 30-year high in inflation.