Travel Passports Not Needed if Planes Can’t Fly

By joyfull

So many liberals want to limit what we can do and where we can go if we haven’t been vaccinated. They don’t care if we have already had COVID. They don’t care if we have concerns about the vaccine’s long-term effects. They don’t even care if we have medical exemptions.

If you listen to any of the Democrats long enough, you’ll find out that they want to create travel passports so that you can’t fly or take a train unless you’ve been vaccinated.

Well, that’s the least of our problems at the moment. We won’t have to worry about passports if the planes can’t even fly.

You may have heard by now that Southwest had to cancel over 25 percent of their flights this past weekend. You may have even had to face the inconvenience personally.

While the discount airline tried to blame it all on the weather, we know what really happened. After all, the weather was only poor in a few parts of the country. Plus, other airlines didn’t have to cancel nearly as many flights.

So, what’s really causing the grounded planes?

Leland Vittert of Fox News explained how there was a “mass sickout” where pilots and staff protested against the vaccine mandates. Biden’s mandates are creating problems in countless industries. Any company with over 100 employees has to require the COVID-19 vaccine — and there are simply too many employees who are shaking their heads and refusing to roll up their sleeves.

The FAA isn’t going to take the blame. When Southwest tried to point the finger, the FAA made sure their stance was clear. There were no air traffic control issues. However, aircraft and crews may be displaced — and that’s individual based on the airline. Their suggestion? Travelers need to call the airlines to find out if there will be delays or cancelations.

Some of the hardest-hit cities for cancellations included Denver, Dallas Love Field, Chicago Midway, and Baltimore. 

The COVID vaccine mandate is the biggest issue. Though, it certainly doesn’t help that this has happened after there were already shortages and issues. It’s also proof that Biden didn’t really think about the repercussions before he took pen to paper with his executive action.

The safety committee of Southwest’s Pilot Association announced “Make no mistake about it – due to months of staffing issues and inefficient scheduling practices we have been operating at a higher than normal operational risk.” Further, “This week’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate announcement by the Company only exacerbates the situation.”

Southwest isn’t going to be the only airline to experience such problems. Other airlines will start to see the issues become exacerbated, too. And for anyone who has tried to travel via Amtrak recently, they’ve seen how there have been delays and cancellations, too.

So, while the Democrats try to figure out how to prevent people from traveling without getting the vaccine, they may want to look at the bigger problem. It won’t matter if people don’t have the vaccine or not when there are no pilots or conductors to operate the various modes of transportation.

As the Biden administration continues to take away freedoms and prevent people from being able to make a choice about their bodies, they further damage the economy.